Baby Loss Awareness Week- Voice Four - Al Ferguson

Al from The DadNetwork writes about his experience as a father and what Baby Loss Awareness Week means for him

October 2017

This week is Baby Loss Awareness week.

My wife and I have experienced 2 miscarriages.

One over my wedding to the love of my life and one back in the summer just gone. Both were very different for a variety of reasons but both were bloody hard. Feeling helpless, desperate and empty are difficult feelings for any man. I believe it’s even harder when dads are neglected.

As I’ve documented and shared my miscarriage experiences I’ve learnt that there are 1000’s of dads burying their feelings of grief, anxiety and sadness.

But they don’t have to suffer in silence. We aim to encourage dads to share their miscarriage stories and feelings. I was staggered at the response I got when I first shared. I received emails of thanks for ‘making it alright’ for dads to talk about it and the stories people sent me are so powerful.

In response we’ve created 4 places for dads, who have or are experiencing miscarriage, to find support.

1. Our private network just for dads.

This is a phenomenally supportive group of over 1300 dads from all over the globe sharing the highs and lows of fatherhood. Including miscarriage and baby loss.My first experience of miscarriage was so unique and rare, being over my wedding day. I never thought anyone would understand. Then I met Carl in the private dads network. He’d experienced the same thing and finally I had someone I could talk to and someone that understood. That support from another dad was priceless.

2. Our parent forum

This is an open space to share stories and ask for support or advice.

3. Miscarriage for Dads Infographic

There aren’t many resources for dads going through miscarriage. So we created one ourselves.

4. A space to share miscarriage stories with the world. 

Upload your story here. Sometimes, simply writing it down goes a long way to exploring your emotions and processing your feelings. Sharing your story could help another dad as well. It also offers the opportunity to celebrate and remember.

You can also find some great support from the Miscarriage Association.

For those who have experienced or are experiencing miscarriage and baby loss, my heart goes out to you and I hope you find the support that you need. Let’s break the taboos this Baby Loss Awareness Week.

This story was published with permission from The Dad Network bog. 

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