Tommy's Birmingham research centre take on the LLHM

Meet the team of researchers from the Tommy's Birmingham research centre running the LLHM 2019: Catherine Dunlop, Liz Quinlan-Jones, James Cheshire, Justin Jamie Chu and Laurentiu Craciunas. This is their reason for running.

Tommy's Birmingham research centre's LLHM team

We are five colleagues from Birmingham Women’s Hospital who have signed up to run the LLHM in support of families who have experienced pregnancy loss. Birmingham Women’s Hospital is a centre for Tommy’s research. When we heard about the London Landmarks Half Marathon, we knew we wanted to be involved if we could!

Pregnancy loss is an issue that is unfortunately very common and not widely spoken about. For the families with personal experience, pregnancy loss is a devastating event. These families require a lot of support and specialised care to help them through this difficult time, and often into the future as they contemplate and embark upon a future pregnancy.

All five of us are clinicians and researchers, which is how we have come to be involved with the work of Tommy’s. In our clinical work we have looked after families going through this life-changing experience. The research we are each conducting is varied. However, we all investigate causes of pregnancy loss, infertility and ill health for mothers during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

This is what is so fantastic about the Tommy’s charity: it is supporting both the care of families when they need it, as well as research to ensure that in the future pregnancy loss can be prevented wherever possible. Families that volunteer to be involved with Tommy’s research are helping protect the lives of future babies, and we are so grateful for all they do.

We are running the LLHM in aid of Tommy’s Charity, to raise funds for this research and say thank you to the women and partners who have been involved in our research thus far. We want to support future research efforts into preventing pregnancy loss, as well as providing care for families going through this emotional and challenging experience.

Some of us are experienced runners, and some are less so! The half marathon will be challenging for all of us, whether we are aiming for a PB or just to complete the race, we are doing this to represent the Tommy's Charity work undertaken in Birmingham. If you're able to support us or share our plans, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Join Team Tommy's for the LLHM 2020!

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  • siobhan-llhm-tommys


    I remember thinking that this was all a dream

    'The day of the half marathon was an amazing day .. My baby was guiding me around, the sun was shining and she was with me throughout the race. Crossing that line with the balloon for my Angel was the most emotional thing. '

  • jules-llhm-tommys


    'I had never heard of it so could never have been prepared.'

    'I just kept thinking if only people talked about it, just maybe I could have been a little more prepared and people around me would have a better of understanding of how painful it was and how it stays with you'.

  • claire-llhm-tommys


    It felt like an out of body experience

    'Life carried on, I was muddling through it as best I could, and no one really broached the subject. I mean, what can you say? I've been on both sides and it's tough.'

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