London Landmarks Half Marathon for Tommy's

Tommy's supporters Tracy and Andy Cotton discuss why they are running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Tommy’s in 2018

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Tommy’s charity fundraising story, 06/10/2017

Why have you chosen to run The London Landmarks Half Marathon for Tommy’s?

We have chosen to run the LLHM in memory of our daughter Millie Olivia Cotton who was still born on 2nd August 2016, the loss of Millie tore our world apart and we vowed to raise money and awareness around baby loss in her name as a way to honour her. We are currently under the Tommy’s clinic at St Mary's hospital and they are helping us try and achieve our dream of having a healthy baby. We wanted to give something back so that another couple may be able to be helped with the money we raise.

Is this your first charity run experience?

This is our first charity run - in fact our first run ever!

What excites you about The London Landmarks event in particular?

The LLHM excites us as we are honoured to be participating in the first LLHM, seeing how many people have signed up to team Tommy's and knowing that the money being raised is going to such an amazing charity! Also London is such a beautiful city and the idea of running past the historic landmarks is such a lovely idea!

 What are your top fundraising tips?

Our fundraising tips would be splash your JustGiving page all over social media; we've used Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also we have found that making the page really personal has had a massive influence on people's generosity. Explain in detail what Tommy’s charity does - people are not always aware if they haven't been through such an awful experience and when they know they are very open to sponsoring you.

 How have you found the support you’ve received from Tommy’s?

The care we have received from Tommy’s so far has been incredible, the post mortem that we had carried out on Millie was inconclusive but Tommy’s has actually been able to give us a reason as to why Millie passed away. To be given an answer (not definitive) but a pretty sound reason is just indescribable, it has helped me with my feelings of guilt and of letting her down and it also means if I fall pregnant again we will have a care plan put into place for us and care second to none through their clinics. The clinic is marvellous.

 What would you say to someone who has not taken part in an event before and nervous about the challenge/fundraising?   

I would say if someone is nervous of the challenge or fundraising - just go for it. We were extremely nervous but the feeling of accomplishment that this challenge has given us is incredible. It's given us a focus and it's getting us fit! You don't know what you are capable of until you try!

If you would like to run for Tommy's in the London Landmarks Half-Marathon, registration for 2020 is now open.

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