A story of baby loss

The nurses gave us the privacy that we needed. It was an exhausting day.


Story by Deirdre, 

On the day I was due to go into the hospital I had actually started bleeding really heavily, passing large blood clots.

We did mange to get to hospital but I was in a bit of a state by the time we got there. They put me in an examination room straight away due to the amount of bleeding and I was seen by a doctor.

The bleeding eased off a bit and we were put in a private side room with my own toilet. Although I was bleeding heavily they still gave me the medication internally.

Every time I need the loo I had to use a paper bowl and the nurses would check everything that I passed to see if it contained any pregnancy material. It was a long day and I felt fairly detached from what was going on as if I was watching it happen to someone else.

My husband was by my side all of the time, which I was extremely grateful for. 

The nurses gave us privacy that we needed. It was an exhausting day. There was times when I felt shattered because of the blood loss.

I was also given injections to help with the pain and told to eat and drink plenty as it would help with the effects of losing a lot of blood. By late afternoon the bleeding was slowing down and I still hadn’t passed any pregnancy material.

We just wanted to go home. We were told it could take a few more days for the miscarriage to happen.

Again, we were given phone numbers and told to contact them if we were concerned. We could also take in anything that I passed if we wanted them to confirm that it was pregnancy material or to take a photo of it and bring that in. They also told us what the pregnancy material would look like.

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