Our Angel Louie

After many tests & investigations, I was told I was completely healthy & the previous miscarriages were 'unlucky'.

Story of baby loss

Story by Lauren Kinnersley, 

After 3 early miscarriages, so much heartache & giving up seemed the best idea.. we fell pregnant with a beautiful baby boy Reggie. Problem free pregnancy, natural delivery at 38+3.. he is now a healthy 2 and a half year old!

After many tests & investigations, I was told I was completely healthy & the previous miscarriages were 'unlucky'.

23rd December 2017.. we're pregnant! With close monitoring up to 12 weeks, we were discharged & told all is fine.

15 weeks I had a huge bleed. Was told placenta was low & causing the bleeding.. baby is fine continue as normal.

This then become very regular & I was going in every couple of days. Each time the babies heart was checked and I was sent home told nothing wrong.

At 19 weeks I passed a clot the size of a tennis ball. Went into hospital and was rushed for an in depth scan. I had 4 more clots formed in my womb. The top of my womb had collapsed & I had been internally bleeding for 4 weeks.

One of the clots formed behind my placenta and tore it by 3cm. Was sent home & told good luck I'm at high risk of miscarriage.

Sunday 8th April 2018 at 19 weeks 2 days, I had a placental abruption. Went into labour & our sleeping baby Louie was born.

Unfortunately I had no counselling & struggled massively to accept what had happened.

We were given no 'why' just a 'we don't think it will happen again'.

Currently 27 weeks pregnant with our miracle sent from heaven, all is going well so far x

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