I'm running, walking, cycling 2.6 x 2.6 miles everyday until Sunday to help Tommy's continue to support families

Holly is taking on the 2.6 challenge in the lead up to what would have been the London Marathon. This is her story and reason for support.

Holly's 2.6 challenge photo

When I was pregnant with my son Finlay, I had quite a few periods of reduced movement (4 in total). I thought it was a lot more common but I don’t think it is. Each time I turned to google and Tommy’s was always the first website that came up with information which encouraged me to go get Finlay checked out.

Their posters were in the waiting room too and my husband found the info very reassuring that we were doing the right thing while he nervously paced around. Thankfully Finlay was fine but I always felt grateful that Tommy’s had that information available.

A mum knows her baby and knows if something is wrong but it’s also easy as a first time mum to worry you’re just being anxious. I knew Finlay wasn’t moving as much and because of Tommy’s I got it checked.

I’ve done the London Marathon twice before for causes important to me and decided to run again to help me get a bit of myself back. Becoming a mum is far tougher than I imagined at times but running helps clear my head.

Tommy’s was the obvious choice for who to run for. I also have so many friends who’ve sadly miscarried and said they found support from Tommy’s so helpful that I really felt they were the right charity for me.

My #twopointsixchallenge

I’m walking, running or cycling 6.76 miles a day - 2.6 x 2.6 miles every day this week until Sunday, when I would have run the marathon.

The 2.6 challenge is a good distraction this week as I’m starting to find lock down tough and really missing my family like so many others.

It’s hard though! It’s much further than I realised, and I’m shattered! It’s helped encourage people to donate though and that’s what matters!

I’m running, cycling, walking for the 1 in 4 women who have experienced miscarriages, for the first time anxious mums who rely on Tommy’s pregnancy information and for my little boy, Finlay.

More stories from our supporters

More stories from our supporters

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    We miss Betsy every single day

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    No one expects this to happen to them

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    Kolby's footprints

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    For all the little ones we did not get to meet

    'Although personally I found this easier to deal with than the first loss hearing the word miscarriage again brought back a flood of emotions. It was then I realised I needed to confront this, because ignoring and suppressing was never going to send it away.'

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