Tommy's Awards 2019: Amazing Individuals

Every year we are amazed by the heartfelt nominations made by friends, families and patients who want to highlight the strength and determination of others. Here are this year's individual Tommy's Award winners.

  • Man receiving an award on stage


    Star Fundraiser Award: Karl McPherson

    The Star Fundraiser Award an extraordinary individual who has gone above and beyond to fundraise in their local community on behalf of Tommy’s. This is Karl's story.

  • A woman receives her award onstage


    Act of Kindness Award: Zoe Feeney

    The Act of Kindness Award recognises a person who has gone above and beyond with an act of kindness to support someone who has gone through a pregnancy complication or loss. This is Zoe's story.

  • An image of a midwife accepting an award on stage


    Healthcare Hero Award: Tracy Rae

    The Tommy’s Healthcare Hero Award recognises a midwife, doctor or other medical professional who has provided exceptional physical care or emotional support to parents in difficult times. This is Tracy's Story.

  • A lady smiling


    Tommy's Commendation Award: Georgia Bunning

    The Tommy’s Commendation Award celebrates an individual who has gone above and beyond in some way, be it through their personal fundraising, their dedication to Tommy’s or their quest to bring light to our shared cause and fuelling conversation. This is Georgia's Story.

  • Craig accepting his award on stage


    Partner's Voice Award: Craig Sargeant

    The Partner's Voice Award recognises a partner who has spoken out about the myriad of emotions that accompany loss. The winner of this inaugural award is Craig Sargeant. This is Craig's story.

  • An image of the Briggs family receiving an award at a ceremony


    Inspirational Family Award: Briggs Family

    The Inspirational Family Award celebrates an extra-special family that has transformed the lives of others, or supported each other through troubled times and come out the other side. This is the Briggs family's story.

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