The Tommy's Splashathon 2019

This year, with the help of Water Babies across the UK, we are aiming to raise a whopping £1 million with the 2019 Tommy's Splashathon!


What is Splashathon?

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Ahoy! Our amazing partner, Water Babies, will once again be hosting an incredible event where babies, toddlers and their parents come together to raise money for Tommy’s.

Each Splashathon will be taking place in Water Babies swimming classes nationwide throughout the summer. As this is a first fundraising event the little ones will have ever done, it's always pretty special. This year we are challenging little ones to swim a width in fanct dress in a special Peppa Pig themed Pirates and Princesses lesson.  


Splashathon is a really fun experience for all involved, but there’s an important reason behind it too. Every year, 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. Water Babies is committed to supporting Tommy’s in reducing this unacceptable statistic that devastates families up and down the country. So every mum, dad and baby taking part will be helping other babies who aren't as lucky. And every pound raised, will help to save babies’ lives. To find out more about Tommy’s life-saving work, please watch our video below:

How will the money be spent?

This year we are aiming to raise a whopping £1 million through the Tommy's Splashathon, which could help to fund our brand new Tommy's research centre - the National Centre for Improving Maternity Care.

Tommy’s want to ensure that every family, no matter where they live, can access first-class pregnancy care.

We strongly believe that where you live should not determine if your baby lives. Unfortunately in the UK levels of care during pregnancy vary by region and by hospital. To fight the postcode lottery and ensure all babies across the UK have equally good chances, the Tommy’s new centre will focus on implementation science. It will allow recent research discoveries to be implemented simultaneously in every hospital across the UK.

Taking part

Everyone taking part in Splashathon is encouraged to wear a fancy dress costume, the theme is Pirates and Princesses! We have pulled together some ideas for you in this downloadable guide. 

Head over to Escapade fancy dress and use code "Splash10" to get 10% discount off all full price items! 


If you need an extra paper sponsorship form just download and print one here.

Going the extra mile

OK, so it’s a width not a mile, but taking part in Splashathon and raising money deserves some recognition. So Peppa Pig has kindly promised to send each Water Baby a little momento of their first fundraising challenge.

For every participant who raises even just a pound, a prize will be coming your way*:

The highest fundraiser nationwide will receive 4 tickets to Peppa Pig World and an overnight stay!

*Amounts exclude gift aid. In order to be eligible for any fundraiser prizes offered by Tommy’s or Water Babies all donations must be received by 12 July 2019. Prizes and certificates will be posted out in August 2019. Prizes are subject to availability and so may differ from images shown.

Other fundraising ideas

If you don’t want to rely just on your social networks, there is a whole range of ways that you can raise money - from all the usual things like sitting in a bath of beans (if you fancy!), or organising a quiz night (if you have time!) But we know how busy parents with young children can be so we’ll share some ideas which won’t take too much organisation:

Baby Brownies

Get baking with your little one and sell them for a £1 donation at your work / partners work / school gates / book group.


Perhaps you could arrange something different at your usual toddler group (e.g. storytime, come in fancy dress, baby disco). Everyone who takes part makes a small donation.

Kiddy Kit Sale

Arrange a Kiddy Kit Sale to sell off that far-too-small-but-too-good-to-throw-away jumper or toys and raise money for Splashathon.

Whatever you do to raise money, collect it all and then make a payment of that amount via the Virgin Money Giving website.

The pig family having dinner together

Water Babies


Water Babies run multi-award winning baby swimming classes from birth and now teaches more than 42,000 babies and toddlers each week across the UK. Swimming with your baby is a special time to focus purely on each other and enjoy the closeness of playing in water. It's also the perfect exercise for little ones, since water allows muscles to move freely while being supported by its buoyancy.

One of their core philosophies is that they'll teach you to teach your baby to swim, so together they'll teach your child to feel safe and confident both above and below the water. Within a few lessons they'll be moving freely under the water, and over time they'll progress from the early days of enjoying the freedom and fun to learning to swim independently.

To find out more about Water Babies and to sign up to classes near you, please visit