Tommy's and Wow World Group

Working together to save more babies' lives

Tommy’s have been proudly partnered with the Wow World Group since 2014. To date, Tommy's and Wow have partnered together to 3 times to run the super successful Tommy's Sensathon! These 3 events have raised a whopping £922,000 for Tommy's! 

At WOW, they know how important the time you spend with your child is and how much you love watching your child on their own special journey. Their classes are designed to create not only incredible learning experiences for your child but also unique shared and treasured moments of joy and fun for you.

Wow World Group's nationally award-winning WOW programmes for children bring the very best fully-accredited programmes to your neighbourhood. Their research means that each programme has been fully tested and trialled to bring both the WOW and the underlying developmental learning for children from birth to key Stage 1 in the safest way possible. 

WOW baby

If you are interested in finding out more about how your company can partner with Tommy’s please contact: [email protected]

Why support Tommy's

Read about our work

  • Preterm baby

    Saving Babies Lives' Care Bundle Version 2

    Following evaluation of the first version of the care bundle to reduce stillbirths, the second version of the Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle (SBLCBv2) has been unveiled.

  • Tommy's researcher wearing white gloves using tweezers to put something on a slide

    Other research

    We concentrate most of our research on reducing stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth, but we know that work is needed in many other areas to make sure as many babies as possible are born healthy.

  • A researcher in a white lab coat looking at results on a computer

    New tests and technologies research

    Tommy’s are taking advantage of technology to develop new ways of making sure as many babies as possible are born healthy, from new scanning techniques to training simulators for amniocentesis.

  • Women holding babies.

    Mental health and wellbeing research

    Tommy’s understand pregnancy complications cause far more than just physical harm. We want to understand the best way to support women’s mental health both during pregnancy and following loss.

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