Supporting your True Cycle Challenge!

Tommy’s are so excited to be partnering with True for the second year for this unique event taking place in Mallorca!

True cyclists wearing Tommy's shirts

Thank you for registering for the True Cycle Challenge 2019! The Cycle Challenge is taking place between 2nd-5th October. Last year, we raised over £100,000 and this year, we are hoping to raise even more money to help save babies lives!

Tommy’s are the number one baby charity in the UK, funding research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. We believe it is unacceptable that one in four women lose a baby during pregnancy and birth and we want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.

Tommy’s run four research centres in the UK, where we undertake crucial research and provide clinical care. In 2019, we are also launching the new Tommy’s national centre for improving maternity care. Tommy’s also provides an expert pregnancy health information to parents; this includes the midwife-led Pregnancy Line.

Supporting every cyclist with their fundraising journey

Tommy’s wants to support every single cyclist that is taking part in this challenge to raise money for such an important cause. To help you on your way to reaching your targets, we have come up with some top fundraising tips to get you started:

  • Pop a cover photo on your page and change the profile photo
  • Set a target: Obviously, you are not committed to raising this amount, but research shows the higher your target, the more money you will raise!
  • Tell your story. Explain your reason for supporting Tommy’s/why Tommy’s work is so important to you. If you need some help, or are unsure where to start, this link could be helpful in telling your story.
  • Share your page on your social media and by email both before and after the event. Research shows that just one share on Facebook encourages between £1 and £18 in extra donations.
  • Ask for donations at the end of the month. People may be feeling a little more generous if pay day has just passed!
  • Raise your target if it's close to being met. It will spur people on to get you as close to your target as possible.
  • JustGiving also have some great information to help you reach your targets! 

JustGiving Fundraising Pages

Your individual fundraising page on JustGiving can be linked to the True Cycle Challenge campaign page on JustGiving, so that you can see the running total of the fundraising page.

About the Challenge

This event will be run by cycling events company pie. After arriving on 2nd October, there will be a different activity each day.

  • Day 1 – Wednesday 2nd October – The Warm Up Loop
  • Day 2 – Thursday 3rd October – The Climb Challenge (choice of four different routes)
  • Day 3 – Friday 4th October – The Team Sportive

 You can find a day by day breakdown of the event with more in-depth information on the pie website.

Impact of your fundraising

Events such as the True Cycling Challenge make a huge difference to Tommy’s and allow us to continue helping families take home happy, healthy babies. £100,000 could help fund our efforts in developing a routine screening test for pre-eclampsia, which is a major cause of illness and death for mother and baby. It could also keep the Tommy’s Midwife Pregnancy Line open for a year, providing 3,500 people with expert advice from our midwives who specialise in emotional and bereavement counselling, planning a pregnancy after a complication and lifestyle advice for women most at risk.

Thank you again for taking part and choosing to support Tommy’s. Your donations will make a huge difference to families around the UK to have safe pregnancies and to take home healthy babies!

Your Tommy’s contact for True Cycle Challenge

Becky Williams is looking after the cyclist’s fundraising journey, so please do not hesitate to contact her with questions:

Phone: 020 7398 3436 or email [email protected]

More about the Tommy's and True partnership

  • Join the True Cycle Challenge and help save babies' lives today

    Sign up now to ride for Tommy's in the True Cycle Challenge. A team fee of £10,000 will be asked from each competing team of four, whilst individuals that enter will be asked for a minimum of £2,500 each to cover our costs for this challenge, of which at least 55% will go directly to Tommy's.

  • Tommy's and True

    Tommy's and True are continuing to work together to help save more babies' lives!