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Tommy's and MAM

We are delighted to be partnering with MAM Baby UK on the launch of a dedicated Tommy’s Rainbow Soother & Clip Set! 50p of every soother sold will go towards Tommy’s vital research to save babies' lives.

For those who have lost a baby, the rainbow is a special symbol. A ‘rainbow baby’ is a baby who has come into the world after a previous loss. Tommy's Rainbow clinics are dedicated to caring for parents who are pregnant again, following a previous loss. 

Losing a baby is devastating, but still isn’t acknowledged or widely spoken about. Losing a baby causes grief, confusion, guilt and intense feelings of isolation.  

In a Tommy’s survey, 79% of people said they don’t think they understood what they have gone through, and a further 67% didn’t feel they could even talk to their best friend about their loss.

For Tommy's the rainbow symbol is a symbol of hope and unity, celebrating the babies born after loss, remembering the brother and sisters that aren’t with us, and a show of support for any parent who has gone through loss.

We are over the moon that MAM have created this fantastic Rainbow soother.  Colourful, unique  – and most importantly funding vital research into our Rainbow centre, to stop any parent having to go through the heartbreak of losing a baby.

           Caroline Gormley, Tommy’s Fundraising Director

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It can be found online at Mam's online shop, on sale now. 

Head to Mam online today.  

Head to stores now to pick up a soother for your own Rainbow baby. 

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Read about our work

  • Preterm baby

    Saving Babies Lives' Care Bundle Version 2

    Following evaluation of the first version of the care bundle to reduce stillbirths, the second version of the Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle (SBLCBv2) has been unveiled.

  • Tommy's researcher wearing white gloves using tweezers to put something on a slide

    Other research

    We concentrate most of our research on reducing stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth, but we know that work is needed in many other areas to make sure as many babies as possible are born healthy.

  • A researcher in a white lab coat looking at results on a computer

    New tests and technologies research

    Tommy’s are taking advantage of technology to develop new ways of making sure as many babies as possible are born healthy, from new scanning techniques to training simulators for amniocentesis.

  • Women holding babies.

    Mental health and wellbeing research

    Tommy’s understand pregnancy complications cause far more than just physical harm. We want to understand the best way to support women’s mental health both during pregnancy and following loss.

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