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Supporting women to help save more babies' lives

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with Transport for London through our Pregnancy at Work programme, and have their commitment for the next three years. 

The scheme, which has been developed to enhance Transport for London's current Occupational Health offering and HR policy, will benefit around 500 pregnant employees and their line managers each year. It will arm employees with the best level of health and wellbeing support through access to Tommy’s accredited pregnancy advice, and in-house midwives.

The Tommy’s partnership was formed following research, carried our by Transport for London's Women’s Staff Network Group, which showed a need to enhance the information currently available to their pregnant employees and their managers. The Tommy’s partnership enables Transport for London to meet this need and also meet the objectives of their 100 Years of Women in Transport scheme by:

  • Helping to attract and retain more women to the industry
  • Establishing a legacy of continued improvement and development for women in the workplace
  • Building our industry's brand as an 'industry of choice' for women
  • Enhancing our reputation as an organisation fully committed to gender equality.

Why support Tommy's

Read about our work

  • Preterm baby

    New guidance aiming to reduce pre-term birth is unveiled

    Version 2 of the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle (SBLCBv2) has been unveiled.

  • Tommy's researcher wearing white gloves using tweezers to put something on a slide

    Other research

    While Tommy’s concentrate most of our research on stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth, we know that work is needed in many other areas to make sure as many babies as possible are born alive and well.

  • A researcher in a white lab coat looking at results on a computer

    New tests and technologies research

    Tommy’s are taking advantage of technology to develop new ways of making sure as many babies as possible are born healthy, from new scanning techniques to training simulators for amniocentesis.

  • Woman talking to health professional.

    Mental health and wellbeing research

    Tommy’s understand pregnancy complications cause far more than just physical harm. We want to understand the best way to support women’s mental health both during pregnancy and following loss.

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