Our partner, Danone, plays a vital role in giving more babies the best start in life. Over the last four years through a variety of campaigns, they have donated over £160,000 towards our research into the impact of maternal obesity on the unborn child.

Our Edinburgh centre focuses on maternal obesity and the adverse impact this has on the health of the unborn child. Given that half of all pregnant women in the UK are now overweight or obese at the start of pregnancy, this is a growing cause for concern.

1 in 5 Scottish women are obese at the start of pregnancy, putting both mother and baby at risk of serious complications.  Our Edinburgh centre is investigating why obesity causes problems and we were the first to show that diet and weight in pregnancy can pre-programme the child to a lifetime of health problems.

Our metabolic clinic sees 1-3 women with BMI’s over 40 each week.  Many of these women take part in our research trials so we’ve been able to develop guidelines of best practice for managing pregnancy in obese women.  We couldn't have done this without Danone Baby Nutrition's support!

Danone Baby Nutrition also sponsor the Healthcare Hero Award at the Tommy's Awards. The Healthcare Hero Award celebrates midwives who have gone over and above the call of duty to help mothers have a healthy pregnancy by making changes to their lifestyle.

By working together, we are ensuring that more women in the UK have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

'We have developed a strong, trusting relationship and Tommy’s are extremely proactive in developing partnership activities which span our business. We work with many organisations, but I would highly recommend Tommy’s, above others, for building a successful and fun partnership.' Caroline Brandi, Medical Affairs, Danone Baby Nutrition

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    Other research

    While Tommy’s concentrate most of our research on stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth, we know that work is needed in many other areas to make sure as many babies as possible are born alive and well.

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    New tests and technologies research

    Tommy’s are taking advantage of technology to develop new ways of making sure as many babies as possible are born healthy, from new scanning techniques to training simulators for amniocentesis.

  • Woman talking to health professional.

    Mental health and wellbeing research

    Tommy’s understand pregnancy complications cause far more than just physical harm. We want to understand the best way to support women’s mental health both during pregnancy and following loss.

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    Cholestasis research

    Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, or obstetric cholestasis, is the most common liver disease affecting women during pregnancy.

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