Using social media

Social media can help you build a real buzz around your event. These channels work best when you make them personal. Be yourself and talk to your friends and followers as you would in person.


Social mediaTo tap into people outside of your Facebook friends, visit and subscribe to our news, then post on the wall about your challenge with a link to your fundraising page.

Mention your fundraising drive on your personal Facebook status so that your closest friends and family can chip in. Mention your training, challenge or fundraising milestones in your status updates. Keep it light and use humour where you can. You could even create your own Facebook group or event. This is a great way to encourage support, not just financially but attendance and goodwill too!

  • Remember: Facebook is about dialogue. It’s important to leave a comment to acknowledge people's support on your page. To keep that dialogue going, ask your Facebook friends for advice
  • Get tips from friends on staying hydrated on a long run or where’s best to do a sponsored sky dive!


First of all, link up with Tommy's on Twitter! We can be found at:@tommys_baby /
Some celebrities send out at least one tweet per day - this keeps people interested and up-to-date with their news. Use the same thinking with your own posts.

Tweets are short and sweet. Practise writing in 140 characters or less to perfect your style. Through Twitter you can extend your reach well beyond your personal network.

The best way to build a following is to mention other tweeters in your post and then they’re likely to follow you. A tweet like “Using X brand to do this” might just encourage the company and its followers to follow you!

  • Be careful not to be too pushy by asking people to donate too often. Ask occasionally and then keep your followers up to date on your progress
  • Help people find your tweets by putting a ‘#’ in front of hot topics. This will collate your tweets and make them easy to find for people interested in these topics. For example: #marathon, #charity, or even #MyDonate.

Show your support for Tommy’s by adopting a Tommy’s ‘Twibbon’

Show your support for Tommy’s through your Facebook or Twitter account is by adding a ‘twibbon’ to your profile picture or avatar – this can be downloaded from:
Once you’ve done this, you can get others to do the same!

Blogs and other social media

Websites like Blogspot and Wordpress offer free blogging tools – look them up on Google to find out more
• Post picturesvideos and links, not just words. This will keep your readers entertained and the links will help your Google search ranking, so your blog will be easier to find
• Include links to your profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Most blogging platforms allow you to set an automatic feed to your Twitter and Facebook, creating a post every time you post something on your blog, so more people will see it
• Use your blog as a diary, so people can see how you’re getting on. Maybe write a weekly post about how your preparation is going, or how close you are to meeting (or beating!) your fundraising target
• Keep it brief – 150-300 words is perfect for a blog post. More importantly, make what you write a reflection of your personality: people love that about blogs!

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