Publicising your fundraising event

Get extra support for your event and help raise awareness of Tommy's' research and information programmes...easy!!!

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Use social media

Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube). If you are not already on Facebook or Twitter, get on them and watch your fundraising soar... You can spread the word so widely through these channels and really take charge of promoting your event. Need a little guidance? Well, that's what we're here for!

Read our social media guide.

Write a press release

This will help you get your story to your local papers and radio stations. If you have a personal reason for supporting us, put this in your press release. It will bring the story to life. Download our press release template and fill in the blanks!

Remember the when and where!

If your event is at a school or in the community (such as a sports day, coffee morning or pramathon), say so in the press release so that they can send along reporters or photographers on the day.

Find contact information

Send your press release to the news desk of your local papers and to any local radio stations. You should be able to find contact details in the local phone directory, in the local papers themselves or on the internet.

Pick up the phone!

Once you have sent the press release, it's also worth making a follow-up call to check that they've received it and to find out whether they intend to cover the story. Give it a little while, be to the point but don't be too insistent, that can be counter-productive with busy journalists!

Add a button to your website

 You can copy the html code below to add this button to your website or blog, showing everyone that you support Tommy's.

Supporting Tommy's button

html code to copy and paste for your own website:

<p> <img alt="I support Tommy's button" height="125" src="" width="299" /></p>

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