Fundraising FAQs

There are a few simple guidelines to take into consideration when organising events for charity. If you’re in any doubt please contact us for advice.

Do I need a licence to hold a raffle?

You do not need a licence if the raffle tickets are sold at the location and during the event, eg at a fundraising dinner. Events may last more than a single day. The result of the raffle can be declared either at the event or after it has finished. 
You should take note of the following:

  1. The raffle should not include any cash prizes
  2. The total sum of brought prizes on offer should not exceed £250 (but donated prizes in excess of £250 are acceptable)
  3. You can offer alcohol as a prize if your event is taking place on licensed premises

We recommend that you buy a book of cloakroom tickets. They can then either be sold individually or as a strip of five.

For more information see the Gambling Commission Quick Guide to Running a Raffle.

If you plan to sell tickets for a period of time before the draw date you will need to register the raffle with your local authority.

You will also need to issue printed tickets in line with the Gambling Act terms and conditions. Please read the Gambling Commission advice on registering a raffle.

How do I go about getting raffle prizes donated?

Start with who you know! Ask the businesses you are a customer with, get family and friends to do the same. Then ask other local businesses or national companies with a local presence. Be clear on what you can offer companies in return for a prize eg a mention on the evening of your event, their name in a printed programme or an email. Tommy's can give you an official letter on headed paper that you can send people you are asking prizes from. Just email with details of your event.

Do I need a licence to run an event?

You will need a licence from your local authority for an event that includes any of the following activities:
• provision of food and drink
• extended hours
• collecting money or selling goods in a public place
• sale of alcohol

Do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. But ultimately it is you, the event organiser, who is liable if an accident occurs at your event. In order to decide whether or not you need public liability insurance for your event you should:
• check with the venue owner to see if your event is covered by the venue’s public liability insurance 
• complete a rigorous risk assessment of the event

You can use this template to help you identify the risks at your event and record how you will minimise those risks.

If you find that the risk assessment highlights areas of high risk then contact an insurance broker and ask them to advise the best form of public liability insurance to cover those risk areas.

If after the risk assessment you believe the danger at your event is minimal and you take the decision that they you do not require public liability insurance then a risk assessment will stand you in good stead should an accident happen.

What else do I need to consider?

If you are holding an event in a public place, ask permission from the landowner and notify the police.

Safety is an important aspect of any event, so please check facilities in advance including fire exits.

What do I need to have on posters and other printed materials?

The Tommy’s logo is a registered trademark and can only be used within certain guidelines, so please contact us on [email protected] before you use it on your printed materials. We have a specific version of the logo that we give to our supporters and we can supply it in whichever format you need.

Remember we can also provide posters with space to write your event details.

Please note that all images are usually copyrighted by their owners and you either require permission or must pay a fee to the image owner. Please ask us for images if you want to create a bespoke event poster and please do not "borrow" them from the internet or any other source without seeking the relevant permission from the owner.

Charity statement

Your printed materials/websites should include the statement:
‘All proceeds from the event will go to Tommy’s’
The Tommy’s registered charity number must also appear on all printed materials. This can be in small print and must appear as follows: ‘TOMMY’S is registered charity no 1060508 and SCO39280

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