Calling all cyclists! Join Team Tommy's and take on a cycling challenge to help save babies' lives.

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Stories from our supporters

  • Matt Verrell and his family


    We will never forget those we have lost

    Neither of us had ever contemplated miscarriage - it simply wasn’t in our thoughts. Yes we’d of course heard of it, but we never for one moment thought it would happen to us.

  • Rachel wearing a Team Tommy's vest


    At long last we had been gifted our baby

    It took us 4 years to have a child. But on 31 Aug 2014 Emelia was born and is a wonderful little girl, happy and living life to the full.

  • Great North Run - Gavin Larkin


    Our two snowdrops

    I thought I would challenge myself by doing something in their memory. Something I will be able to look back on and have something proper to remember them by. For me and my wife in memory of our two snowdrops Sam and Sarese Larkin.

  • A baby and a rainbow


    I’d been fed a fairy tale by society

    Adjusting to life with a new baby can be difficult and overwhelming. We may set ourselves unachievable goals as a result of the unrealistic way society represents motherhood. This can leave us finding it hard to cope and feeling like we’ve failed.

  • Rachel's daughter Willow


    Our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

    Willow is our little symbol that anything is possible.

  • Francesca Training Run


    I was almost 12 weeks - the 'safe zone'

    We will never know why we lost our first child, but we will honour him. I will be running, not only for Tommy's but in his memory and in his honour.

  • Debbie and Will's memory box for Grace


    We will never forget you and you will always be in our thoughts

    I’ll never forget seeing our baby on the scan monitor. It no longer looked like our beautiful baby that we saw only a few weeks ago at our 12-week scan. I couldn’t see its little nose, its big belly or tiny foot. I knew something wasn’t right.

  • Gemma and Dave Great North Run Reason for Running


    We miss Betsy every single day

    Our beautiful baby girl was so perfect, I looked at her little face and waited for her to cry to prove that they were wrong, but she couldn’t.

  • jane-llhm-tommys


    No one expects this to happen to them

    'No one expects this to happen to them and no one can tell you how you’re meant to act. My pregnancy and birthing plan had disappeared over night and I had two sick babies who I was unable to care for. I felt totally alone with my own feelings and felt I had nowhere to turn.'

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