Trusts and foundations

At Tommy’s, we want to form lasting partnerships with trusts and foundations. We will ensure that your gifts have the biggest possible impact.

Tragically, one in four women, or 250,000 families, will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth in the UK every year. At Tommy’s, we think this is unacceptable. We want to make sure that no mother ever has to leave the hospital without their baby.

Whether you can offer a one-off donation or a multi-year grant, your support will make pregnancy safer for more women and give more babies a healthy start in life.

Why support Tommy's?

Your gift could save babies' lives

Tommy’s funds life-saving research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage. We know our research works.

Read about our impact here.

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You could support worried parents-to-be

Our midwife-led PregnancyLine supports worried mothers and their partners via telephone, email and social media. By offering evidence-based information, practical advice and sensitive support, we empower women to improve their chances of having a healthy baby.

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Your funding will go further

The Tommy’s approach is to provide seed funding to research centres that enables them to grow year on year by attracting funding from the NHS, universities and other research organisations.

We estimate that every £1 donated will leverage at least £5 of funding in five years’ time.

This means that a donation of £100,000 could result in £500,000 additional funding.

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Our trust and foundation supporters

Tommy’s is grateful to have the committed support of several trusts and foundations.

The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation has committed a significant gift this year to support the vital work of our research midwives at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

The Foundation was established in 2012 by a legacy from the late Lord Wolfson. His written wishes were that Lady Wolfson should continue his good work and play an important lifetime role in the work he so loved and found fulfilling and important for the future.

Tommy’s work reflects a cause that is close to Lady Wolfson’s heart. Her own personal experience means she is passionate about helping women to give birth safely.

By supporting Tommy’s, she is ensuring that fewer women will have difficult pregnancies and births and that more will be able to have a healthy baby.

If you would like to discuss how you could support Tommy’s through a trust please contact:

Hayley Gullen

020 7398 3447

[email protected]

Why give to Tommy's

  • Three pregnant women sitting in a row

    Research into health and wellbeing in pregnancy

    In addition to our core work on miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth and pre-eclampsia, Tommy’s also funds projects that research the effects of lifestyle and well-being on pregnancy and on the later life of the child.

  • Team of researchers

    Research into stillbirth

    When a baby dies after 24 weeks of gestation, it is called a stillbirth. Nearly 3000 families a year get the devastating news that their baby is not alive. Our research is helping to change this.

  • Nurse monitoring premature baby in hospital

    Research into premature birth

    Around 60,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the UK. These babies are vulnerable – they are born before they have grown to cope with the outside world. Tommy’s is saving lives by researching how we can prevent premature births by finding those at risk early on.

  • Clinical researcher looking at test tube

    Research into miscarriage

    Miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy with 1 in 4 women experiencing at least 1 miscarriage during their reproductive lifetime. This is a quarter of all mothers-to-be, a quarter of all families affected by loss.

Why give to Tommy's

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