Tommy's scorecard

Our balanced scorecard system of measuring our success shows donors we are meeting, if not exceeding, their expectations.

A balanced scorecard is a performance management tool which has been developed with the aims of helping the Trustees and Senior Management ensure the charity's strategic goals and mission are met. It also seeks to demonstrate to donors that the charity is meeting, if not exceeding, their expectations.

Why does Tommy’s use a balanced scorecard?

  • To demonstrate the impact our medical research and pregnancy information service are having on reducing problems in pregnancy
  • To demonstrate that we are an effectively run organisation
  • To increase transparency of our activities to our supporters
  • To help the Tommy's Trustees to monitor management performance

Our pregnancy information service and medical research measures were defined in partnership with our research and health professional colleagues under guidance from Rand Europe, who have expertise in helping organisations to define how best to measure their effectiveness.

We measure three things:

  1. Input measures: these are the resources we need to conduct our research and information programmes
  2. Process measures: we measure how effectively we carry out our programmes
  3. Output measures: we measure the impact of the programmes we fund.

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    About us

    We fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. We believe it is unacceptable that one in four women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. We want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.

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    Our vision is a future where the UK is the safest place in the world to give birth and excellent pregnancy care is available for all. We fund pioneering research to find causes and treatments for pregnancy complications to prevent baby loss and improve maternity care across the UK.

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