Vlogger Anna Saconne speaks out about her mental health after suffering a miscarriage

The creators of YouTube channel 'Saccone-Joly’ have vlogged about the backlash they've experienced since publicly announcing their miscarriage and how it's affected them both.


‘Saccone-Joly’ is popular YouTube channel created by vlogger couple Anna and Jonathan who document the ups and downs of family life in YouTube vlogs.  Anna and Jonathon don’t shy away from sharing details with their YouTube followers and in May this year they announced the heart-breaking news that Anna had suffered a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks.

Since then Anna has taken a backseat in their daily videos, deciding to take herself out of the spotlight while dealing with their loss. This week in a moving vlog, Anna spoke out about how her mental health has been affected since losing their baby and the negative response she received from some followers for speaking out about her miscarriage:

"I jumped back into everything very fast and I probably shouldn’t have, as I have opened myself up to so much criticism and it is affecting me more now because I am obviously in a more vulnerable state."

At the time Anna first announced her miscarriage many followers described her decision as ‘click-bait’ and criticised the couple for opening up about their loss:

“Why are you guys so crazy sad about the baby if you've never met it? It wasn't even a fully developed fetus!”

We at Tommy’s are appalled by the online backlash that Anna has faced. We realise that pregnancy loss is a deeply personal matter and something that every couple deals with differently. There is no right or wrong way to feel about pregnancy loss and while some may wish to speak out about their experience others may need time to grieve in silence. Whatever a couple’s decision at this deeply difficult time, they should be respected and supported, not criticised:

"I feel like I gave so much and just got attacked at a really vulnerable time and I feel like my mental health is suffering because of it, and that’s why I’m just like, taking a break.”


Both Anna and Jonathan have shown huge courage when openly talking about their miscarriage and mental health in their videos. Jonathan’s words powerfully sum up the pain suffered by so many couples after miscarriage and help bring this taboo topic to the limelight:

"I know it seems silly to miss something you never had, I miss our baby, I will never stop thinking of what they would have become or who they would have been or what they could have been like. But talking about it can make it easier."

As well as the negative feedback, many fans have shown support for the couple with heart-warming messages:

“Take the time you need Anna. Your mental health is more important than any video.”

Some have even been brave enough to share details of their own losses:

“I have had to go through miscarriages and they are hard enough without negative comments. do whatever feels right for you and know the rest of us are thinking of you.”

We are with team ‘Saconne-Joly’ – our thoughts go out to them at this heart-breaking time. #misCOURAGE

You can find more information on support after miscarriage, including how to support someone who has had a miscarriage here.

Want to see Anna’s powerful vlog for yourself? Visit it here


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