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One woman's experience of visiting Tommy's research unit at University Hospital Coventry for the first stages of a clinical trial.

Sad woman talking to health professional.

Tommy's guest blog, 19/08/2016, by Claire Burdett

Miscarriage can be a devastating and often unexplained occurrence. It’s also all too common, with one in four women in the UK experiencing this heartbreaking loss. Our aim is to reduce the number of women in the UK who are given no reason for their miscarriage, and to answer the vital question of how we can prevent it happening again.

We want to put women and couples at the heart of our research. Since opening our National Centre for Miscarriage Research earlier this year, we have been running clinical trials to find reasons why women miscarry, and improve the treatment for women who experience recurrent miscarriage.

The team at Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research are looking for women who have suffered a miscarriage and would be willing to join one their research trials.

We understand that putting yourself forward for clinical trials can be intimidating. #misCOURAGE supporter, Claire Burdett talked about her nerves before travelling to meet Professor Siobhan Quenby at Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research.

“To be honest with you, I was quite nervous about going to the clinic because it was another hospital for a start, and a three hour journey from where I live. It was a bit nerve wracking. As soon as I got in the room with Professor Quenby, she completely put me at ease and I felt so relaxed with her.”

Abbe Bates recently blogged about her experience of applying to take part in a Tommy’s clinical trial with the hope of reassuring other women. Abbe also emphasized the importance of taking part in these trials in push for investigation within the NHS after two miscarriages not three.

Abbe had been waiting for the opportunity to take part in a trial, and phoned and spoke to a midwife at the Tommy’s research unit at University Hospital Coventry.

“It was such a nice feeling to talk to someone who knew exactly how you were feeling and made you feel supported, even in just one conversation. It made me realise the importance of that engagement during fearful times, not just when you are pregnant – that somebody lets you know that they understand and are there to listen. It made me quite upset as I was so pleased!”

Abbe found out that she was eligible for two trials being conducted by Professor Quenby so arranged to travel to the hospital for some initial blood tests.

Whilst waiting for these results, Abbe was advised to visit her GP and ask to be referred directly to Professor Quenby’s NHS clinic in Coventry to be put under her care.

Working across our three sites means that more than 24,000 women a year have access to treatment and support and are able to participate in Tommy’s research studies. More than helping us understand how our research works in practice, these clinics save babies lives and spare parents the indescribable heartbreak caused by loss.

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