Stunning rainbow baby photoshoots are opening the door for wider conversations on loss

Maternal mental health expert Dr. Simone Vigod says, labelling a “rainbow baby” can be a way to make a loss a more visible one.

Rainbow baby

Tommy's blog, 02/06/2017

Photoshoots of newborn babies are far from a new idea. However there is something quite unique about this particular picture of rainbow baby Zoe.

‘Rainbow baby’ is a term used to describe a little one born after previous loss because rainbows show up after a storm. 

In the words of Tommy's guest blogger Laura Costello,

‘They don’t mean that the storm never happened and they don’t lessen the effects of that storm, but they do remind you that everything can be ok again.’

Using these colourful motives in their newborn's shoot is giving parents a simple but beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of their rainbow baby, whilst also commemorating their loss in a lasting way. 

The fact remains that 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth but the heartache of miscarriage or stillbirth is still not widely discussed. 

However, with parents sharing photoshoots such as this across social media, the conversation is opening up to a wider audience.

Maternal mental health expert Dr. Simone Vigod from Women’s College Hospital says that labelling a 'rainbow baby' can be a way to make a loss a more visible one.

'If it helps people get the support they need, to feel validated, or helps articulate their feelings, that may help with coping'. 

We love this idea! It is not only providing for a medium for parents to share their stories, but also giving solace and hope to parents in similar situations.

More information

If you’ve suffered the heartache of loss or are yet to have your rainbow, our midwives are trained in bereavement support and are here for you, whatever stage you are at on your journey. You can email them at [email protected] or phone our free information line - 0800 0147 800 from 9 – 5, Monday - Friday.

Commemorating your loss in a visible and lasting way can be a great source of comfort for many parents. For more ideas on how you can remember your baby, look at our information on commemorating your baby after stillbirth or miscarriage here.

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