'Miracle' baby given a 2.5% of survival is now a happy, healthy five month old!

Jade and Kevin Donnelly transferred their maternity care to Tommy’s Dr Alex Heazell after Jade’s waters broke at 12 weeks.

Kevin, Jade and Patrick

Tommy’s news, 30/03/2017

'Miracle' baby Patrick made it to 29 weeks gestation under the care of Tommy’s Dr Alex Heazell at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

His parents Jade and Kevin were advised to terminate the pregnancy after Jade’s waters broke at 12 weeks and Patrick was given a 2.5 percent chance of survival.

Jade strongly wanted to carry on with the pregnancy and felt unsupported to do so before transferring her maternity care to Dr Heazell.

She said;

‘Dr Heazell was fantastic, he was open minded about what could happen and showed so much care to our situation.’

Tommy's research centre at St Mary's Hospital specialises in stillbirth and problems with the placenta. Dr Heazell is Clinical Director of the centre and works with many high risk patients.

Against the odds, Jade reached 29 weeks gestation and gave birth to Patrick by emergency Caesarean section.

Dr Heazell said stories like Patrick's are one of the reasons that caring for families makes his job worthwhile.

He told us;

‘We did weekly checks at St Mary's to look for infection and to see if there was any liquor around Patrick. We counselled Jade about when we felt the safest time for him to be born was, and thankfully he is here safely.’

Patrick spent the next eight weeks building up strength at St Mary’s. His parents were transferred to Ronald McDonald House, a charity that provides accommodation for families, so they can stay near their poorly children in hospital.

In January Jade and Kevin were finally able to take their little boy home. Patrick is now a healthy, happy five month old baby, and has just been weaned off of oxygen.

If you want to read more about Dr Heazell and the team at Manchester you can take a look at our page about our stillbirth research centre in Manchester.

If you have experienced premature birth and need a little help or advice, you can read our premature birth information and support pages here.

With thanks to the Manchester Evening News where this story originally appeared.

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