Tommy's is immensely grateful to the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation

For the second year running, Tommy’s has received a major grant from the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation.

Foundation support

Tommy's fundraising news, 15/12/2016

Tommy’s has received another major grant from the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation

This is the second year in a row that the Foundation has supported Tommy’s. This recent gift of £50,000 will contribute towards the work of our research midwives, as well as funding vital research consumables at the Tommy’s centre in St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation

The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation funds research into preventative healthcare to help people enjoy longer and healthier lives.

It was established in 2012 by a legacy from the late Lord Wolfson. His written wishes were that Lady Wolfson should continue his good work and play an important lifetime role in the work he so loved and found fulfilling and important for the future.

“I am delighted that the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation is continuing its support of Tommy’s. The Foundation’s grants are very significant and will accelerate the research breakthroughs that will ensure fewer babies are born too soon.” Jane Brewin, Chief Executive, Tommy’s

Why this grant is important

The Foundation’s renewed support comes at a vital time for Tommy’s. We are seeing increasing numbers of referrals at our Prematurity Surveillance Clinic at St Thomas’ Hospital. And sadly, 60,000 babies are currently born prematurely every year in the UK, putting too many lives at risk. We think this is avoidable, and that with more research we can find the answers we need to predict and prevent premature birth.

Over the next year, the Foundation’s grant will support crucial work including:

  • the INSIGHT trial, which is exploring whether measuring the levels of a molecule called elafin can be used to predict spontaneous preterm birth;
  • the SUPPORT trial, which aims to test three different treatments for spontaneous preterm birth caused by a short cervix, and identify for the first time which is most effective; and
  • the PARROT trial, which is testing levels of a protein called placental growth factor (PIGF) which can indicate who is at higher risk of pre-eclampsia, a dangerous condition in pregnancy that is only cured by delivering the baby and therefore often leads to preterm birth. By testing for PIGF we will focus care on the highest-risk women and reduce hospital stays for those who are not at risk.

It is thanks to the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation that we are able to continue this research, and work towards a future where all babies are born healthy and at the right time. We are so grateful for their support.

Why give to Tommy's

  • Three pregnant women sitting in a row

    Research into health and wellbeing in pregnancy

    In addition to our core work on miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth and pre-eclampsia, Tommy’s also funds projects that research the effects of lifestyle and well-being on pregnancy and on the later life of the child.

  • Team of researchers

    Research into stillbirth

    When a baby dies after 24 weeks of gestation, it is called a stillbirth. Around 2.6 million babies are stillborn each year. Tommy’s research is helping to change this.

  • Nurse monitoring premature baby in hospital

    Research into premature birth

    Around 60,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the UK. These babies are vulnerable – they are born before they have grown to cope with the outside world. Tommy’s is saving lives by researching how we can prevent premature births by finding those at risk early on.

  • Clinical researcher looking at test tube

    Research into miscarriage

    1 in 4 women experience miscarriage in their lifetimes, and 1 in 100 have 3 or more miscarriages in a row. We want to change this so that women no longer have to suffer the trauma of losing their babies.

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