Latest Each Baby Counts report released

Today, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology (RCOG) published their latest Each Baby Counts report, looking at the care given to women and babies during labour in 2016.

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Tommy’s news, 13/11/2018

The annual Each Baby Counts report from the RCOG was released today. It looked into stillbirths, early neonatal deaths and severe brain injuries that happened during labour at full-term in the UK in 2016. Specifically, they studied the care given to mothers and babies during labour.

Key findings

The RCOG found that 1,123 babies born at full-term died during or after labour or were left with brain injuries. It is believed that 71% of these babies might have survived or had a different outcome with different care.

Significant investment into addressing stillbirth

Despite the key findings, there are positives to be taken away from the report, as Professor Lesley Regan explains:

“I am also struck by the significant investment that has gone into addressing stillbirth in the UK, and the firm commitment from a range of sectors to improve the care of women and their babies. It is crucial that we sustain the momentum and progress to date, and bring together all of the available learning to ensure that we really make a difference to maternity care in the UK.” Professor Lesley Regan, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

How Tommy’s is transforming care to save babies' lives

Tommy’s is the largest UK charity funding research to prevent stillbirth. We carry out vital research to find out why stillbirths happen, and how we can prevent them.

The Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle

The Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle, designed in part by Tommy’s, has shown that it is possible to reduce stillbirths by 600 a year. It is an action plan put together by experts and carried out on all patients who meet certain criteria.

Tommy’s Manchester Stillbirth Research Centre

We have reduced the stillbirth rate in the Manchester region surrounding our stillbirth research centre by 34% since it’s opening in 2010. But we will not stop until critical pathways of care are rolled out across the country.

Best practice in maternity care

In response to the findings from Every Baby Counts, Tommy’s CEO Jane Brewin said, “The focus on reducing stillbirths and preventing brain injuries is vitally important for families whose lives are wrecked by these avoidable and tragic deaths. The Government, NHS and professional bodies are all behind this objective, and the Government has set an ambitious target to reduce stillbirth by half.”

As well as funding research and supporting families through our clinics, Tommy’s has new plans to improve care and reduce the number of babies that die during pregnancy or shortly after:

“Despite the many initiatives to bring this about, there is evidence that recent reductions have stalled and a new impetus is needed. In support of driving further improvement, Tommy’s is funding a new centre for improving maternity care with the goal of reducing stillbirth and pre-term birth by assisting local health systems to implement evidence-based best practice. This new centre will open on 1st April 2019, a collaboration between the many agencies that must be involved to drive improvements in practice around the UK.” Jane Brewin, Tommy’s CEO

More information

Find out more about the Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle.

Find out more about Tommy’s stillbirth research.

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