Our quest to get amazing independent documentary Still Loved continues…

Help us end the silence around baby loss and get this film to the silver screen.

Still Loved

Recently we have been championing Big Buddha’s powerful documentary Still Loved to make it onto screens in the UK in time for Baby Loss Awareness week in October 2016.

A real labour of love, this documentary is 77 minutes of some of the most powerful, moving and uplifting stories of loss and love that we’ve ever seen.  It follows ordinary families who have suffered the loss of their children, and the extraordinary ways they have dealt with their grief and seek to help others.

Find out more at www.stillloved.com

Debbie Howard, Still Loved’s director and producer, has addressed the taboo around baby loss and fought to get Still Loved into UK cinemas against a lot of opposition.

“I was outraged at a particular cinema who said that given the subject matter, they didn’t feel they could charge for a screening, but were willing to show it in their lounge for nothing, if we wanted to give it to them for free. I replied asking her why she thought it was OK to show and charge for documentaries about all kinds of other difficult subjects but not baby loss.”

Debbie has since secured screenings at various cinemas but for some of the viewings Still Loved needs to secure a certain number of ticket sales ahead of time for the screening to go ahead.

We think it is so important this film is shown and baby loss starts being given the same media attention as other sensitive subjects that we see regularly cross our screens.

Stand with us and let’s make this happen. Let’s prove wrong the prominent film festival producer who told Debbie, “No one will show this film. It’s too depressing.”  This documentary is stark, honest and real – but ultimately uplifting and truly inspirational. It’s only by confronting this issue head on that our society will realise parents deserve answers; and research into stopping stillbirth and baby loss can progress.

Help us end the silence around baby loss and buy your tickets for a Still Loved screening here.

Do you want to get Still Loved on a screen near you? You can help get this documentary screened far and wide by making a donation, big or small, here.

Read our original article about Still Loved here.

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