‘I started Help Us Grieve (HUG) in desperation for something to change’

After suffering with her own experiences of loss, Amy Everatt founded Help Us Grieve (HUG) to provide a space for bereaved parents to connect and seek support.

Help Us Grieve

Tommy’s guest blog, 09/05/2017, Amy Everatt

Losing a baby can be an extremely isolating time and many parents describe feeling very alone.

Amy Everatt is the founder of Help Us Grieve (HUG) which is an app and website resource to support parents in the early stages of grief and beyond.

Amy became motivated to help our loss community after suffering three losses of her own and feeling first-hand the impact this has on parents and families.

1 in 4 pregnancies are lost. That's a hell of a lot of people feeling as traumatised and devastated as my husband, daughter and I who have lost two little girls and a miscarriage since.’

So, what is HUG?

HUG is an online community that connects on social media and via forums. The HUG website and app has information and advice as well as forums for parents to connect to each other.

What does Hug do?

Amy originally set out to create an app which would pull together information on recovery and where to seek support for parents to access at any time.

‘I wanted to combine all the charities, organisations and groups all over the country so that HUG acts as a hub of information for anyone looking for support following the loss of a baby at any gestation.’

The website and app have information for anyone affected by loss, from parents to the wider family.

How can HUG help?

Talking about loss can be a big source of comfort. It can help you to process the shock and the sadness instead of bottling it up.

Sadly, many people feel unable to talk to the people around them. 67% of women that Tommy’s surveyed felt that they couldn’t even talk to their best friend about their miscarriage.

The forums that HUG offers provides a way for people to connect with others in similar situations, asking questions, getting support and often building lasting connections.

This support is invaluable in a society where, sadly, support is not always forth coming.

For bereaved parents, comfort taken from the knowledge that they’re not alone can be important steps towards healing.

Who uses HUG and what do they think?

Amy has found the response to her website and forums so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘We are receiving emails and phone calls daily from those who want to share their story, get involved and donate. We've also received so many calls asking if we can pop their charity on our website to promote it, which of course I do. We encourage people to get in touch for this reason.’

It’s wonderful to see dedicated and passionate people like Amy working to improve situations for those in the loss community.

Supporting individuals and couples at the most difficult time of their lives must remain a priority and we hope HUG will help more people find the information and advice they need.

Amy told us;

‘I'm so pleased HUG has snowballed so quickly because it means we are reaching more and more people that have not received adequate support before. My ultimate aim for HUG was the app. Now that we've reached this goal in a matter of weeks, my new aim is to continue to fundraise for research projects that will ultimately mean a potential difference in the future. I contacted Tommy's to see whether it is something we can do long term. It seemed the natural way to go following the success of the website and app.’

Watch this space!

More information

If you need support or want to link up with other bereaved parents, head over HUG’s website or download the app.

You can also access information and advice on baby loss at Tommy’s miscarriage and stillbirth support pages.

Talking your concerns over with someone can be very comforting. If you have concerns or are feeling low, you can phone our bereavement support trained midwives for free on 0800 0147 800. The phone line is open from 9 – 5, Monday – Friday, they are happy to hear from you.

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