Lily is taking part in Tommy's Danceathon with her babyballet class to help more families get the answers they deserve

Born at 34 weeks weighing 4lbs 12 oz, Lily is now 19 months old and thriving.


Tommy's fundraising story, 17/08/2016, by Lily's mum Hayley

Lily was born at 34 weeks weighing 4lbs 12oz and my labour was over within a blink of an eye.

Going in to labour early was spontaneous and 19 months on we still have no reason as to why it happened.

My pregnancy was awful, I suffered constant headaches and sickness which lead me to question myself, was it down to me why Lily was premature? Is there anything that me or Lily's dad could have done differently?

Throughout my labour I heard one midwife say to another "can you buzz for the paediatric team and ask for space on special care", that didn't really register at the time but afterwards I thought back and realised that Lily was lucky.

She arrived with Jaundice and the midwives had their work cut out trying to keep her temperature up but apart from that and being super tiny - she was ok.

However that still didn't mean I would stop questioning myself, an answer as to why Lily was born premature after would have made all the difference.

All of my consultations, scans and appointments Lily was healthy and I was given no inkling.

Lily is now 19 months old and thriving, she attends babyballet classes and they are bringing her confidence on leaps and bounds, we are very proud of her.

After reading about the work that Tommy's do I'm so glad that Lily can take part in this Danceathon with her class to help more families get the answers they deserve. 

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