Christmas single raising money for Tommy’s this festive season

Musician Les Glover is donating half of the profits of his new song ‘Cancelling Christmas’ to Tommy’s. The song is about a woman coping with the heartbreak of miscarriage around Christmas time.

Les Glover

December 2016

Les Glover, a singer songwriter from Liverpool, has written a touching Christmas single to raise money to fund Tommy’s vital research into miscarriage and other pregnancy complications.

1 in 4 pregnancies currently end in miscarriage in the UK. This is unacceptable, and our researchers are working to find causes and preventions so that no parent has to suffer this heartbreak.

Christmas can be a difficult time of year, especially for those coping with baby loss. The expectation to be merry and grateful can be totally overwhelming.

Les’ song Cancelling Christmas is about a young woman named Anna whose life has been ‘put on hold’ after the loss of her little one.

It describes how Anna feels unable to engage with the festivities, a feeling many of you sharing your #misCOURAGE stories have also felt

‘Christmas came and went in a blur of emotion, it felt so wrong to be celebrating when we were in such turmoil.’ Laura’s story of #misCOURAGE.

Les’ inspiration came from an unusual source, which touched him deeply.

 ‘I wrote the song after seeing a heartbreaking message on a noticeboard. It involved a young lady who had miscarried a baby. It affected me so much that I wrote a song about it and recorded it.’

The song has been released as a download with half of all profits being donated to Tommy’s.

‘I chose Tommy's because like my song, although sad, it has an element of hope.’

If you would like to listen to Cancelling Christmas, here is the link to the song.

If you are coping with the pain of loss this festive season then it’s important that you don’t put pressure on yourself. No one can tell you how you should or shouldn’t be feeling at this time and that is true for any day of the year.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling to cope after a miscarriage then you can take a look at our information pages here. They contain advice about coping after loss, details of different support services available and guidance about getting through the next few days, weeks and months.

You can also phone our midwives who are trained it bereavement support and on hand at our free phone line from 9 – 5, Monday – Friday to offer any information and advice you may need. The line will be closed for the festive season from the 23rd of December but will open again on the 3rd of January.

Some women find sharing their story comforting and cathartic. If you want to add yours to our online Book of #misCOURAGE you can do so here.

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