Beautiful rainbow photoshoot for parents pregnant after six miscarriages

Jessica Mahoney says, "Six babies lost to have the honour to carry this rainbow baby. I hope my story helps someone else to know they are not alone."

Rainbow Photoshoot

October 2016

Celebrating a pregnancy can be an extremely emotional and proud moment for parents who have experienced pregnancy loss.

For Jessica and Kevin Mahoney, their pregnancy has come after Jessica previously suffered six miscarriages following the birth of their first son Corbin.

They honoured their pregnancy with this amazing maternity photo taken by photographer JoAnn Marrero alongside her mentor Mary Maloney.

Jessica hopes her story of pregnancy after loss will give solace and hope to parents in similar situations,

“Six babies lost to have the honour to carry this rainbow baby. I hope my story helps someone else to know they are not alone, as the journey of loss and infertility is dark and lonely.”

JoAnn said she knew she had to do something extra special for Jessica and Kevin after all they have been through.

“It was quite the explosive surprise and really funny! One by one each smoke bomb was set (and not without some duds too), with each burst of colour we watched this portrait coming to life.”

The photograph went viral after JoAnn and Mary shared it on their Facebook pages and received overwhelmingly positive responses.

We think Jessica and her bump look absolutely beautiful in this wonderful celebration shot!

“Through it all, Jess stood with composure and her pregnancy glow came shining through, along with a whole lot of laughter. This was definitely her moment – such a proud mother-to-be for the second time.”

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