Babyballerina Naomi weighed just over 4 pounds when she was born

As we draw to the end of an incredibly successful Danceathon, two year old babyballet star Naomi who was born three months early reminds us what it is all for.

Tommy's fundraising story, 16/10/2016

We are nearing the end of an amazing, first ever Tommy's and babyballet Danceathon!

Baby ballerinas all across the country have slipped on their ballet shoes and danced their way to an incredible fundraising total, well beyond their target of £100,000! 

For some babies and parents, raising money for Tommy's has a personal importance.

For Naomi's parents, seeing her healthy and happy taking part in the Dancethon means a lot after her harder start in life.

Here is her story

Naomi was born prematurely, at about 12 weeks early, and it was very sudden.

There was no warning and she was stuck in the wrong position. The doctors had 15 minutes to perform a crash c-section & deliver her alive. They achieved this, which saved her life and prevented any lasting brain-damage.

She was transferred to a specialist Neonatal Intensive Care Unit by special ambulance.  It had a crew with a doctor on board because she was on a ventilator. She was very poorly at times during her first two weeks.

But at just over 2 weeks old, she was well enough to transfer back to our local hospital. This time no ventilator just oxygen! Major progress.

She spent a further one and a half months in the neonatal unit. She had to learn to feed and maintain her temperature, she fought infection, and adjusted to life outside of an incubator. This takes weeks and weeks of just growing stronger, a few steps forwards and sometimes some steps backwards.

Eventually she was well enough to come home, weighing just over 4 pounds.

It wasn’t plain sailing when she came home but it was wonderful to be all together again as a family, in the one place!

On reflection, it was information from charities like Tommy’s and Bliss that helped us to understand what was going on when we were suddenly and without warning plunged into that medical world. It made it a lot easier to pick up on how things were going with Naomi and what the doctors and nurses were saying to us.

Also Tommy’s and Bliss helped us know what to expect when she came home and how to adjust to life with a fragile baby who needed all the normal care plus a little extra.

Now she is fully well and loves BabyBallet. She is very strong, agile and sporty!”

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