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We campaign to raise awareness of the problem of baby loss, so that we can raise vital funds for research and help improve care for the mums and dads who are going through this heartache. We also want to make sure parents aware of vital information to help them have a healthy pregnancy.

Tommy's campaign results

‘We want every pregnancy to have a happy ending.’Tommy’s CEO, Jane Brewin

We break taboos

We are focused on raising awareness and breaking the taboo of silence around baby loss. With your help, we can break the silence and help our community of mums and dads who have lost little ones and raise awareness for the vital research into preventing loss needed.

‘Some among our family and friends never reference Patrick or our early miscarriages and look awkward and quickly change the subject if we do... We should not be feeling shame and embarrassment alongside the pain (both physical and emotional) that comes with miscarriage.’Fiona’s story of #misCOURAGE

We inform and educate

We also campaign for better information around pregnancy. It’s hard work preparing to be a mum; so we work on challenging some of the myths and misinformation out there surrounding pregnancy, such as reduced fetal movements towards the end of pregnancy.  Tommy’s work with midwives and researchers to give parents the most thorough and up-to-date advice, information and knowledge.

‘I miss George all the time and life is still full of ‘What ifs?’ but I’m trying to channel that grief, that loss into something positive. For me, encouraging other women to be more aware of fetal movement, is George’s legacy.’ Amy’s story of reduced fetal movements

Charity campaigns

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2016

We worked with Eastenders on a storyline which saw two characters suffer an early miscarriage. We interviewed 4 inspirational mums and a dad about what it feels like to miscarry, and how you can help a loved one who has suffered through it. We also invited seven of our Tommy’s bloggers to write about their experience of loss.

Breaking the silence with Eastenders

7 voices for 7 days


In late 2015, Tommy’s launched this nationwide campaign to encourage anyone who has been touched by miscarriage, directly or through a loved one, to speak up, share their experiences and show their support. Together, we helped to #breakthesilence, and thousands of brave women and men shared their stories of #miscourage.

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 Pregnancy campaigns

Always Ask

Our #AlwaysAsk campaign empowered pregnant women about talking to health professionals – midwives, doctors and hospital staff – about their health concerns during pregnancy.

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Movements Matter

Our #MovementsMatter campaign, supported by Kicks Count and NHS England, aims to save babies’ lives through raising awareness of current guidelines around monitoring baby’s movements in pregnancy.

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Talk to someone

Mental health issues are common during pregnancy, but women often feel they cannot talk about them. Our ‘Talk to Someone’ campaign launched in July 2015 to raise awareness of the psychological problems women may face during pregnancy and encourage them to seek help.

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