We help employers to support pregnant staff

Tommy’s Pregnancy at Work scheme is designed to give employers the tools they need to provide the best level of support for pregnant employees and their managers.

At any given time, 1 in 3 employees are at some point on their pregnancy journey - either trying to conceive, currently pregnant, dealing with complications, or returning to work. Support from their employer can make a big difference, but it can be difficult for employers to know how to navigate statutory requirements for their employees at different stages and how best to help. 

Based on extensive research, Tommy's Pregnancy at Work scheme provides a wealth of information for both line managers and pregnant employees to ensure that no matter what happens, their pregnancy will be supported with confidence. 

As the UK’s leading baby charity, we provide detailed toolkits and midwife-led workshops for organisations of all sizes to use as part of their maternity offering. We are proud to work with a wide range of organisations that are helping to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth.

1 in 4 will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth

Tommy's has the expertise to support parents through this painful experience. The support an employer can give to their employee can make a real difference. Our services are there to give HR and line managers the confidence to support pregnant employees when difficulties or a loss occurs.  

“The thing I really like about Tommy’s Pregnancy at Work programme is that it is so comprehensive - lots of information. Also, it covers the more challenging topics like pregnancy loss which are often difficult for employees and managers to deal with. It’s good that we have a provider who deals with the everyday and the more difficult issues that can arise to do with pregnancy at work.” - A current Pregnancy at Work member

As a member of Pregnancy at Work, you will have access to…

Tommy's midwife-run PregnancyLine is there to help anyone with specialist advice about pregnancy and baby loss, no matter where they are on their pregnancy journey. Please note due to Covid-19 this is currently an email-only service. 

Our experienced midwives can give employees bespoke information on how to have a healthy pregnancy. They can also help if an employee has suffered a pregnancy loss by providing counselling, and advising line managers on how to navigate conversations with their employee about their loss. Tommy's PregnancyLine is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association (THA).

The members’ community is a password protected online area where:

  • HR professionals, pregnant employees and their managers can view the latest information on statutory law regarding pregnancy
  • employees can read about how to best manage their pregnancy at work, including tips on communication and information on having a healthy working pregnancy
  • managers can read about all aspects of managing a working pregnancy and see frequently asked questions around managing pregnancy at work.

We provide evidence-based digital guides and toolkits for line managers and for pregnant employees, addressing a wide range of common questions and concerns.

Pregnancy At Work members can book a Tommy's midwife to deliver a pregnancy workshop, tailored to their organisation's particular needs. Please note due to Covid-19 face-to-face workshops are currently suspended.

This includes logo and materials to use on your website, recruitment materials, intranet and office.

Pregnancy At Work members will receive timely news updates, including latest information and advice.

If you have any questions about becoming a Pregnancy at Work member, please contact [email protected].