Worst week of my life

Those dreaded words that I didn't want to hear 'I am sorry but you're having a miscarriage'.

#misCOURAGE story

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Early miscarriage

#misCOURAGE story by Shannon,

Getting pregnant is meant to be something we celebrate, but for so many of us its not.

I went through a miscarriage not so long ago and the doctors were of no help to me at all throughout everything. They wouldn't see me when I kept telling them i was bleeding, because it wasn't enough to worry about as I wasn't bleeding enough and I had no pains. They kept telling me it's perfectly normal to have a light spotting bleed in the first few weeks of pregnancy. I already knew this but I knew this pregnancy wasn't going further.

After a full week of bleeding and constant calls to hospital trying to get through to my maternity ward to get a midwife I decided screw this I'm going to the hospital to get checked! So we did. Everything seemed fine, I had an active bleed but my cervix was closed which was a very good sign. I got to go home and sleep better thinking awesome yes baby is okay!They booked me a scan for 2 days away to be safe anyway! So off home I went.

Next day still bleeding no pains feeling slightly better but still worried because this was now 7 days of bleeding but around lunch I go to the toilet and feel like this horrible 'POP' below. I remember panicking and reaching into the toilet to see this huge clot about the size of a small child's palm and I screamed. I phoned the hospital and got told to go up and be seen and those dreaded words that I didn't want to hear 'I am sorry but you're having a miscarriage'.

You'd think it would make it easier cause I knew from the day of the first bleed I was loosing the baby but it didn't, in fact the hospital didn't help me at all! They left me for hours upon hours waiting for a doc so I could find out if I was getting home to my daughter who I had to leave with her dad at home! I had panic attacks I was having such horrible fears of the hospital it was stressing me out. My nurse told me the doc will be here next to see if you can go home, it took from around 3/4 pm to 11 pm before a doctor actually seen me just to find out that she had been told I was staying in over night and not to rush it to much.

I was happy to know what was going on but so angry at the same time as my nurse told me they didn't know what I was doing! I was in serious pain from the seats cause of my last pregnancy screwing up my back and they kept telling me they will bring me something to help that but never did! I was not happy, but I knew what was going on at least.

I suppose all I can do now is say just because you don't have pains and your bleeding in pregnancy doesn't mean nothing. I never got one pain throughout my entire miscarriage other than the fact I just lost a baby! It's hard enough loosing a baby don't take no for an answer, if you're worried your having a miscarriage get scanned.

Now my angel looks over me, Dad and his/her big sister. Just hate that my body rejected them and all I have to remember you is the line on a pregnancy test..




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