That was the darkest day of my life

After trying for more than 20 years this is how it's going to end.

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#misCOURAGE story, 1503/2017, by Ann Marie

After years of trying to get pregnant we finally did and everything was going well, well so we thought 19 weeks into the pregnancy I started to have little pain which I didn't think nothing of it, then I went to the bathroom and I realise that it wasn't good. 

The pain I was getting was contractions I was having a miscarriage and there's nothing they could do because the baby was almost out.

That was the darkest day of my life, after trying for more than 20 years this is how it's going to end.

I couldn't believe it they delivered the baby his little heart was still beating I was begging them to save him, but they explain that he was to young nothing was develop at this time, so all I could do is watch my child little heart beat until it finally stop about 20 minutes later.

I just wanted to die this little life that was growing inside me just 2 hours ago is gone just like that. 

The next few weeks was the worst, I couldn't do anything but stay in bed all day and all night just crying, I was so numb that nothing matters to me at that time.

Eventually I brush myself off and started living again and 2 years later I found out I was pregnant again but again it was short lived at 22 weeks just like the first one he was gone.

This time it hurt but not as bad as the first one because in the back of my head I was preparing my self in case it happen again. I grieved for my two babies for years and gave up the idea of having a child but then it happened again I found out I was pregnant again.

This time the doctor was going to do all he can to save this one, he sew me up put me on complete bed rest in the hospital the nurses was waiting on me hand and foot, but 24 weeks in it happening again but this time I was in the hospital on bed rest so this time she was old enough to save this time.

They took her by c section she was one pound she spent the 5 months fighting for her life but thank God she made it, I called her Destiny because she was meant to be here. 

I think about my two boys every day of my life and always wonder what their would of been like sometimes I thinks their are in my daughter because of the things she does.

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