Tiny Thread

Time passed, seasons changed...

Story of Miscourage

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Story of #miscourage by Kath

Tiny Thread

That 'word' – sounds likeSomething has been dropped
I was meant to carry it by myself

It’s supposed to be easy
But it tumbles out of your arms
Drops like heavy fruit down the stairs
Splattering, breaking

And suddenly everywhere you look
Glowing women smile and shrug
As you move out of their way
The third one was imperfect
The first two? I only know
I watched them go

I didn’t hold their hands
But I was ‘mummy’
For a moment
Time passed
Seasons changed
Light began to gather beyond clouds

Then, one morning
You first appeared - a tiny thread
Pink on white, glimmering like faint hope

I lay awake at night
Counting days down in my head
Drinking lemonade in bed

On the crowded ward
Curtain drawn by whispers
I could hear you coming closer

Terrified that you would leave
At the last moment
I willed you to breathe

A sudden sound
Then only my voice alone
A few brief seconds where I lived it all again

Then you – handed over, warm, pink, shouting
A day to day event that
Split our world open

Exploding with joy
A stitch in time, a tiny thread
My beautiful boy.

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