My relationship ended that week not only my pregnancy

To know that something so important to you is not important to your significant other is soul crushing.

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October 2016

Heather Hickman

On the 26th August 2015 I found out I was pregnant. It was a planned pregnancy and we had been trying for about 2 years. I knew something wasn't right with my body and I had felt terrible for a few days, being lethargic, backache and my teeth where so so sensitive!

I did a test - one of those cheap ones from the pound shop - and there was a faint line..... I couldn't quite believe it!

So 3 Clearblue tests later confirmed that I was pregnant. I was shocked, excited, anxious worried and overjoyed all at once. I was really looking forward to telling my partner of 4 years that we where going to have a baby!

I waited for my son to go to bed, and then gave my partner the tests - he was happy..... I mean I wanted him to jump around with joy ... but a "that's great news" and a hug was great!

I determined that I was only "just" pregnant, 4 weeks if that... but that didn't matter! I loved my little "pip" already and was making plans, wondering what she would look like (I was convinced it would be a girl) how she would smell, how me and her dad would parent together.... all of those wonderful, exciting things that would happen because of this little miracle!.....

I also felt a lot of anxiety - I have had 2 miscarriages before and both where awful, and I was worried that I would end up loosing this one too!

I started to bleed on the 6th September - I was shocked and started to shake - I KNEW what was happening - this wasn't just a bit of "bleeding"......

My partner was outside so I opened the door to tell him, expecting him to rush to my side, give me a hug and tell me to rest.......I said "I just wanted to let you know that I'm bleeding...." .... his answer? "Its not a big deal, it happens a lot in the first stages, and if you do loose it, I will F**k you again and again until another ones in there"..

I shut the door... and I died a little bit inside. I just went to bed..... I knew there would be no support from him..... which hurt me so badly - how can I count on him for support, when he acts like this over a miscarriage?

I grieved for my Pip, I grieved for myself and I grieved for the loss of my relationship - I knew at that point that it was over and I would be on my own dealing with a miscarriage.

My partner came in and asked if I was ok. I didn't want to speak to him.... again he reiterated that it didn't matter, that it wasn't important, that it wasn't a miscarriage and that all would be well.

I tried to sleep - but the pain awful, every stab reminding me of what was happening. Several times in the night I got up to use the toilet, with each trip a little more of my pregnancy being lost.

In the morning he got angry because I didn't go to work, he didn't even ask how I was... then went off to work leaving me to take my son to school, a painful and humiliating 45 minute walk in total.

That day I lay on the sofa or in bed praying for it to stop, praying that it was all a dream.... angry with the world, angry with my partner for clearly not caring......I had called the hospital who told me to come to the antenatal department the next day.

I texted and told my partner this who firstly asked why I needed to go, why I hadn't told him I was miscarrying and that he couldn't come to the hospital as he was working......

I was barely able to function the that day the next or the next....

I turned up at the hospital - the nearest one to me to be told "you have come to the wrong hospital"..... and despite the waiting room being empty the refused to scan me.. I felt my pregnancy was not important, that my babies life wasn't important........

I went home.... there I was accused of being weak, flakey and told to "get over it" "its not the end of the world" "we can try again" - all things you don't want to hear when your body has failed you, you're in pain - physically and emotionally and with every stab of pain a little more is being torn away.....

He took me out for lunch....... I didn't want to go, but he thought it would be good to "take your mind off things" - he even wanted me to ride my bicycle to the restaurant.......then seamed shocked when I said no, I'm in pain..........

When it was finally over... when I stopped bleeding, I stopped caring.... I blamed myself...... knowing that I couldn't do anything to stop it but knowing it was my fault.... My relationship ended that week not only my pregnancy. I didn't want him near me..... I didn't want him to touch me.........

4 months later or no sex and bad emotional scar, I asked that asshole to leave.......I have experienced miscarriage a total of 3 times now - but this was by far my worse experience..... to know that something so important to you is not important to your significant other is soul crushing, I had never felt so alone in my life.

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