It gives me comfort to know I'm not alone

I look forward and think it's okay, it's okay because there is hundreds of women going through this also.

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November 2016


I'm 17years old I have been with my partner for 3 years now.

We have been through a lot and still are I found out I was pregnant at the end of September it was such a shock and was not planned I had different emotions worries about how I can support my baby.

I admit I was thinking of termination but only because I'm not financially stable.

But as days went by I began to love the idea of a baby but still indecisive.

It was Thursday 3rd November when I woke up with blood and a lot of it.

The pain was unbearable, me and partner went to the hospital they put me on drip for a few hous to help the pain, that night it was confirmed I has miscarried but I still have some tissue left in my cervix.

I chose to wait and see if it passes naturally, the pain mentally and physically is horrible but I look forward and think it's okay, it's okay because there is hundreds of women going through this also.

That gives me comfort to know I'm not alone, me and partner are going to wait and see what the future brings for us together I was 10-12 weeks.

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