I'm 19 and I never ever thought anything like that would ever happen

I still cry most days.

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August 2016

On the 30th of April I found out I was pregnant expecting my second child. I was over the moon.

Later on that night I started bleeding and it did not stop. I went to hospital the next day to be told there was nothing that I or they could do.

I felt like my whole world had been crushed at that moment and remember going home curling in a ball and crying. You know that your baby is not going to make it and I feel so useless.

A day and a half later I went to the toilet (I was still bleeding very bad at this point) to find a little tiny baby on the toilet roll.

I have never felt such pain, heartbreak in my life.

I caught on again just after losing the baby and now find it hard to cope with the loss and joy at the same time. I hurt for my baby I never knew and I also feel joy for my baby which I'm carrying now. I'm 19 and I never ever thought anything like that would ever happen. I still cry most days.

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