I will not give up and will not be defeated

Having two missed miscarriages is rare. However, my desire for a brother or sister for my girl is pushing me to stay strong and not give up.

Wing Yan and her daughter

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#misCOURAGE story, 16/05/2017, by Wing Yan Cheung

I had my beautiful daughter back in November 2014. The pregnancy was smooth sailing - no morning sickness, no complications and labour was only about 6 hours start to finish and she was more or less on time and she weighed 6lb 6.5oz. 

March 2016 I started cramping and bleeding a day before my period was due so didn't think anything of it.

This continued for a month and one Saturday the cramp pain got worst with more bleeding. Called 111 and they advised to go to Out of Hrs that evening. They did ask if I could be pregnant and I said no as we were not actively trying.

Dr confirmed I was pregnant and said all pregnancies are different. Went to GP for a blood test and all it showed was positive and nothing else.

Fast forward 5 days I had more pain so took myself to A&E and both the urine and blood tests showed the HCG levels have dropped so I was miscarrying.

Tried a couple of months later and fell straight away. Got excited this time. Went to the 12 weeks scan and no heatbeat was found and foetus measured around 9 weeks. Opted for the Medical Management which I found very traumatic.

I was bleeding lightly on and off for 5 weeks then on a day out with husband, daughter and my parents I started haemorrhaging. Got taken to the local hospital where we were at that day by ambulance.

I had retained tissues. Had to have emergency ERPC. Before the surgery the scan showed a clot measuring 86cmx65cmx78 sitting on my cervix. Then I became unconscious after losing so much blood. My husband thought he'd lost me for good. 

Left it 6 months and tried again. Fell the first week of trying and when I saw the positive test I couldn't get excited as I didn't want to get my hopes up although my symptoms were stronger than previous pregnancies.

Pushed for an early scan as I was suffering with anxiety and thyroid levels were high showing borderline overactive thyroid. 10 weeks scan showed no heartbeat and foetus measured just after 8 weeks and opted straight for a ERPC again.

This time they can send the tissue off to be examined to try to find a cause. Having two missed miscarriages is rare.

I have now had 3 miscarriages in a row and now waiting to be seen by the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic for tests. I am hoping I will get some answers but some never got any answers and purely bad luck.

However, my desire for a brother or sister for my girl is pushing me to stay strong and not give up. I will not be defeated! I will try again! I will have a rainbow baby!

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