I was told the devastating news we would never conceive naturally again.

The pregnant wasn't easy and I was in hospital a lot but after 4 years of hell baby Oscar was finally born.

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Sarah Dacey

May 2016

My son was 3 when we decided to try for baby number 2. We had no problems falling pregnant the first time so never expected a problem second time round. However, we suffered an unexpected early miscarriage a year previous. This was a taste of things to come. 

I stopped taking the pill and month after month I would get a negative test. As well as the negative result each month I would be in more and more pain around my lower stomach. Undeterred and ignoring the increasing pain we carried on. 

Finally we were pregnant. I immediately started looking at prams. Until a week later I began bleeding. The hospital confirmed the next day I had lost the pregnancy. 

Back to square one and grieving for what could have been. 

However this time round getting pregnant wasn't so easy.  We got past the 2 year mark and I was constantly at the doctors for my stomach pain. It was worsening every month and pain killers weren't touching the pain. Eventually I was referred for investigative surgery as well as fertility testing. 

They found stage 4 endometriosis and diagnosed secondary infertility. I was told the devastating news we would newer conceive naturally again. To make matters worse they wouldn't operate to help me because of the likelihood of organ damage. 

I began hormone treatment to stop the pain and was put into early menopause. The last thing you want when all you want is a baby. 

After several months I made the decision to push for surgery in hope it would help my chances regardless of the damage to myself. It was a risk but I had to take it.  The operation was cancelled 3 times but on April 1st 2015 I had the surgery and it was a success. My ovaries were back where they should be and no damage was caused to any of the organs worked on, and I had 6 months of fertility. 

I fell pregnant immediately and everyone was over the moon. I was still in pain from the operation so they did an early scan. We saw our tiny little baby and began imagining our new family. Then the bleeding started.

I spent the next 2 weeks in and out of hospital having blood tests and scans until eventually my baby passed. Our 3rd loss. We knew why we couldn't get pregnant for so long but why can't I stay pregnant was now the question. 

After several blood tests and more hospital appointments I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder. This was responsible for all my miscarriages. My consultant put a plan in place should I get pregnant again. And I did. 2 months later. 

At 3 weeks 4 days pregnant I began a course of daily medications which included injecting myself with dalteparin every day. The first injection was horrendous but I continued doing them every day- they were keeping my baby alive. 

The pregnant wasn't easy and I was at hospital a lot but after 4 years of hell baby Oscar was finally born by elective caesarean on 7th March 2016 at 38 weeks. I could have easily given up hope during those 4 years but I'm so glad I didn't.

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