I think people need to understand it's happening to me...

...and that's my baby who I had imagined a life with.

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#misCOURAGE story, 05/06/2017, by Gemma

So my story.

I got pregnant 2013 after 9 months of trying and a lot of fun in Vegas. Completely normal pregnancy and have a beautiful son.

Wanted my children close together so started trying again when he was 6 months old. 13 months later found out I was expecting so excited and happy.

But 3 weeks later ended up in a and e for abdo pain( think it was constipation related) , scan the next day showed baby only 5 weeks. I knew i had miscarried. But had to go home and wait a week for a repeat scan to confirm.

Week later confirmed. No heart beat but sack had grown. Hate the fact everything was perfect but my baby wasn't.

Had medical management, but nothing happened repeat med 24 hours later but still nothing happened. 3 days later had d and c, following d and c pain and bleeding for more than 2 weeks. Found to have retained products.

Scan every 2 weeks for a month then finally back to theatre for removal for product of conception. All I wanted was for it to be over and start trying.

But due to all the above my gynea dr put me on the pill for 3 months. 12 months still not pregnant and no normal cycles range from 31-48 days. Then hope due to starting Clomid. So happy thinking I would have my baby at last.

Month before I was due to start found out I was pregnant. Gynaecologist was amazing scanned me 8 weeks post lmp, saw sack was empty but only measured 6 weeks.

He wasn't concerned as it was only 2 half weeks from finding out. So rescanned a week later saw heart beat. Every appeared ok. Plan for repeat scan in 2 weeks.

These 2 weeks my anxiety reduced and I got increasing excited. Thinking we saw heartbeat things will be ok . But scan found no heart beat. My baby again died.

Had medical management but with different meds. And fingers crossed it's worked. Waiting for repeat scan.

Hate how people look at me and don't know what to say. I would prefer them to just talk about the weather than just don't say anything and give me the look.

Hate the advice I am given, why don't you take aspirin, do you think you can't carry a girl. Don't have too much time off work. At least you can get pregnant again.

I think people need to understand it's happening to me and that's my baby who I had imagined a life with, plus it wasn't that simple to get pregnant. I feel it would of been easier if I had passed lots of blood or had any change in symptoms, but nothing.

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