I still had all the symptoms of pregnancy and it really messed with my head. I feel like my body has failed me.

I have suffered three miscarriages.

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April 2016

by Yasmin Hodgkiss



My first miscarriage was between my two children. I had slight spotting so went through to a local out of hours. They said it was just normal and to carry on.

It started again so I went to my GP who referred me to the early pregnancy unit. When there they scanned me but couldn't see anything. They tested my bloods and I was still showing pregnancy, I had to go back every 2 days to have my hormones checked.

They weren't rising as they should so scanned me again in case was ectopic. They found a small embryo luckily so wasn't ectopic. They arranged for me to come back a week later which I did my bloods had slightly decreased and the baby hasn't grown so unfortunately they agreed I would probably miscarry.

I did a couple of days later it is by far the worst thing I've ever experienced.

The pain was horrific and I felt the baby come out I was in the kitchen.

I had to get my mum to help me undress to get it in the toilet not what I wanted to be doing as a grown woman. I went on to actually fall pregnant the month after and luckily that was successful and I now have a 2 year old son as well as a 4 year old daughter.

My next miscarriage happened in August this year. I was very shocked to find out I was pregnant in June but once I got my head around it me and my husband were extremely excited felt like we were completing our family.

To be honest because I had Henry I thought nothing would happen this time and everyone kept telling me it wouldn't.

When I had reached 12 weeks (by date) I was having some pain so went to my local A&E. I had no other symptoms and the pain was nothing like as horrific as the first time!! I again got referred to early pregnancy unit and had a scan.

The sonographer couldn't find the baby, I was meant to be 12 weeks pregnant! They took me into another room and did an internal scan she then delivered the heartbreaking news that I'd had a missed miscarriage the baby had died at 6 weeks but hadn't come away.

I still had all the symptoms of pregnancy and it really messed with my head. I feel like my body has failed me. I was booked in for the op for a week later and had to wait another week. In that week I became so unwell and withdrawn, I was covered in a rash.

It was genuinely the hardest time of my life.

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