I remember the doctor saying there was no chance of survival

That was 13 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.

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May 2016

I was 26 and I wanted a baby more than anything in the world. I took a test and low and behold after a year of trying, I got that blue line! I was absolutely ecstatic, I remember crying with happiness ringing my mum and telling her. I was only 5 weeks pregnant and it seemed such a wait until my 12 week scan. I had my scan and everything was looking good, I'd had morning sickness and felt pretty yucky but hey it was worth it. Then at 14 weeks I started spotting. I panicked and went to the early pregnancy unit where I was in a right state but there I heard my baby's heartbeat on a Doppler for the first time.

I was so relieved. The midwife told me a lot of women bleed in pregnancy and not to worry try and rest . The bleeding didn't really ease up for the next month and I was backwards and forwards to the hospital, I had a scan, everything was ok with the baby but oh my gosh I was bleeding heavily I remember running to the toilet on numerous occasions with my hands between my legs as I would lose another huge clot.

I was 19 weeks ... I woke up one morning and was covered in blood I panicked and was crying uncontrollably my partner rang the hospital and I had to get in the shower and he took me straight down to the hospital. I had a scan and was told my waters had broken. My baby was alive, there was a heartbeat, and with that heartbeat there was hope.

For the next 24 hours I was monitored there was no water round my baby and the doctor came and spoke to me.

At this time I was pretty ill, exhausted and emotionally drained.

I remember him saying there was no chance of survival and that my baby's lungs wouldn't develop and would be born with all its limbs stiff and would never survive. I asked about treatment and he told me of 3 cases and 3 different scenarios he had dealt with. All ended the same way. I gave birth to my baby on 22/11/02 to baby Thomas who weighed 1 pound and was alive until he was born . Absolutely heartbroken, I focused on his funeral where I carried his tiny white coffin and buried him in the baby garden.

That was 13 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I wonder who he would look like, what he would be doing now and how much I would've loved him. RIP baby Thomas. You live on through your brother whom I conceived 4 years after you were born sleeping. I was so lucky to get the chance to become a mummy I know a lot of people don't so I treasure very moment I have with him xxx

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