I have set up this page to raise money for Tommy's in Hopes name

I have always wanted to do something big to honour her and help other families.

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#misCOURAGE, 09/06/2017, by Sara Spells

Here is my story and why I have chosen to raise funds for Tommy's.

There were times after we decided to start a family that we thought our story wouldn't have a happy ending. Two consecutive miscarriages were very difficult to deal with, especially at a time when many other friends were having babies.

Thankfully a consultant agreed to meet with us and perform some tests. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder called Antiphosolipid Syndrome which was causing my blood to clot and was the reason we were struggling to have a family.

Thankfully with treatment, a lot of extra care and an early delivery our 1st daughter was born, followed quite quickly by a second daughter 21 months later.

When our youngest daughter, Georgia was two we started to try for another child. We were delighted when we discovered we were expecting again and everything was progressing well.

I walked into a routine scan at 21 weeks pregnant, the first scan I was not petrified of attending. I knew everything was fine as I could feel the baby moving so this meant our baby was still alive.

Unfortunately our world was turned upside down that day.

I cant even begin to explain the emotions that we felt or tell you how many times I woke during the nights to follow with a feeling of panic, wondering if it was a dream - the blur of time or how much your stomach and heart can actually hurt.

We attended appointment after appointment and spoke to many people but on 16th April 2012 our daughter Hope was born at almost 24 weeks sleeping.

She was beautiful, perfect and very small and had the softest skin. All of our immediate family met her and we had her blessed.

The first year after she was born was the hardest year I have every had to live. But we found strength and never gave up and decided that we wanted to try again for a final child.

What should have been Hope's first birthday in August 2013 also fell on my 40th year and our 10th wedding anniversary.

I needed a focus and a project and we always said we would renew our vows so we had a lovely ceremony and party but instead of making a special announcement we were hiding a sadder secret, only a handful of close friends and family knew that I was going through another miscarriage.

As many of you will know that wasn't the end and we now have our final family member - our Alfie.

I have set up this page to raise money for Tommy's in Hopes name. I have always wanted to do something big to honour her and help other families.

Tommy's was the obvious choice because they invest into research to help ensure more babies are born safely.

I could never fully explain the pain, feelings, thoughts and how hard it has been to be as strong as we have become and hope that any money I raise will help other families not suffer as we have.

I also truly believe that without research disorders such as mine would not be understood and the children we have today might never have been born.

So this although in Hope's memory is also for Scarlett, Georgia, Alfie and our three little stars we never got to know x


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