I have recently suffered my second miscarriage and I'm finding it desperately hard.

Three months on and I have no answers. I am grieving for my children that never were.

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Karen and her baby.

by Karen Meikle

May 2016

I have started this post over a hundred times. The sadness just overwhelms me and I find it hard to articulate. To share. But I feel I must. Catharsis if you will. You see I should be an imperfect Mum to more than just Rory.

I have recently suffered my second miscarriage and I'm finding it desperately hard.

The first pregnancy was a happy surprise. I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks but Simon and I were delighted.  It was the following week that I noticed the light-headed feeling had left me.  My familiar pregnancy symptom. The thought of a glass of wine didn't turn my stomach. I didn't feel pregnant. I could forget. 

With Rory I felt pregnant every second of every day.  I knew something was wrong.  I just felt it in my heart. It was a week later I started bleeding.  A Saturday.  I had to wait until the Monday for a scan to confirm I was losing my child.  The sonographer was silent as she scanned. 

The seconds felt like hours as I willed her to speak yet dreaded her words.  "I'm very sorry....". The baby had stopped growing a few weeks earlier. My body had now realised and I was miscarrying naturally.  We were given information and sent home to allow my body to complete the process.  Process sounds like such a harsh word. 

I didn't know how to describe it. Words didn't matter. The next 48 hours were filled with despair, fear and sadness. 

I was scared of what I would see. That's the bit nobody talks about. I called my friend who was graphic and factual.  Exactly what I needed at that time.

After the miscarriage I picked myself up and carried on. I had to. I couldn't cry in front of Rory. He needed me. I fell pregnant again within a few months. We were hopeful yet nervous. But once again I had a cloud over me. I didn't feel pregnant. Sure enough  around the same time as the previous pregnancy the bleeding started again. I went for a scan to confirm what I already knew.  I had not prepared myself for what followed. The sonographer could see a heartbeat. "Congratulations. I can see a heartbeat. I think you must have just got your dates wrong as baby is only about 5 weeks". I felt like she had slapped me in the face. I knew two things.The first one was that my dates weren't wrong. The second was that I was losing my baby.

I left the room devastated. Confused. Shocked. Horrified.  We returned home and within a few hours I had miscarried again. I didn't understand. How could we have seen a heartbeat a few hours ago? Why couldn't I carry my babies safely?  How could my body have failed me on such a tremendous scale?

Three months on and I have no answers. I am grieving for my children that never were and I am sad that I will never again experience the joy of a carefree pregnancy like I had with Rory.

We would love to have more children. And I know that a positive pregnancy test is only just the beginning of a long journey towards holding another child. But all we can do is hope. It's all we have.

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