I am honest about my experiences if people ask

I was shocked how many of my close friends had been through this and never said.

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October 2016


I am lucky enough to have an 18mth old daughter but suffered a missed miscarriage before she arrived and another one since. 

I was unprepared for how traumatic the actual miscarriage would be.

I had been scanned and told the foetus was 6 weeks and i knew i was 11 but had to wait a week for another scan to confirm. Before the second scan I miscarried. I lost a lot of blood and when I thought it was over 3 days later I had another huge bleed in a shop, luckily at night so I managed to walk home without anyone seeing my blood soaked clothes.

I had a straightforward pregnancy with my daughter and fell pregnant again when we started trying for a second.

Again after some spotting I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage. I am grateful both times I had some spotting and early scans. It must be so much worse to go to your 12wk scan expecting good news and find all is not well.

I opted for medical management of my second miscarriage and it was so much less traumatic than the first.

I am honest about my experiences if people ask but I was shocked how many of my close friends had been through this and never said.

The statistics say 1 in 4 pregnancies end in early loss. I'm at 2 in 3 and have just turned 40 so I guess my odds are decreasing but I hope maybe I can go on to have another baby.

And if not we will be blessed and content with the daughter we have❤❤❤

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