I felt so loved and it all was taken away with no explanation.

Story of Miscourage

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Story of #miscourage by Emma

Hi my name is Emma, I am 27 years old. 

I have a stunning son who is 9 years old. I brought him up alone then 2 years later I met my husband. I was scarred to have a family after bringing up my son alone but I fell so in love we decided another baby was something we both really wanted.

We tried and tried and finally fell pregnant. Overwhelmed, I have my son, a man I loved and a baby on the way- I felt like the richest person alive!

But it was all over in a few days.

It hit me so bad as my life felt so secure and happy. I felt so loved and it all was taken away with no explanation. We tired again and we fell pregnant again a year after and the same happened again, so I started to blame my self. Then it happened again.

My heart is broken and then a few month ago we finally fell pregnant again and everything was so good. 

My bloods everything I hadn’t got this far in a pregnancy before we went to the hospital for our first scan to discover that I was having a ectopic pregnancy and I was bleeding internally and had to go for a emergency operation but I could see a heartbeat and refused but they told me if I didn’t I could die.

My husband was broken, it was the worse few days of my life.

Seven years of heartbreak the happiness in my husbands eyes when I told him all them times I was pregnant breaks my heart n seeing the hurt it kills me every time.

I know I’m being selfish for wanting this so bad as I have a child but to be pregnant and it to be taken away that many time it’s broken me but my husband and son fix me every time.

I look at them, my husband is the best father to my son and it melts my heart and I know he would still love me even if we can’t have a baby. The hospital have put it down to unexplained fertility and there’s nothing they can do for me but I just wish someone out there could give me some more answers and help me understand what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you for listening xx

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