Everything went silent

What is Anencephaly? Can I still carry on the pregnancy? Why us? Why now!

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October 2016


I am 23 my eldest son is 6. After meeting my partner at the time when my son was 1 he brought him up as his own. Understandably we wanted a child to add to our family unit and we tried.

We found out we were pregnant in 2012 the excitement kicked in I received my scan letter in the post for my 12 week scan. Things had been running smoothly no sickness, and thankfully no bleeding.

Off we went to our scan and for some reason my gut was telling me something was wrong.

I laid there and the ultrasound started " there's it's fingers there's it''s little face" moving around "little jelly bean we called It from the beginning".

Then we heard the words, "I'm so sorry but your baby has something seriously wrong.. it has a condition called "Anencephaly" which means this baby is incompatible with life"

Everything went silent.

What is Anencephaly? Can I still carry on the pregnancy? Why us? Why now!

We broke down and of we were sent home with a scan picture of our baby.

ANENCEPHALY is a neural tube defect that is when the neuraltube fails to close. Our baby's skull hadn't formed at all and all we knew was that if I continued the pregnancy I would be planning a funeral. No ifs no buts.

I was taken in the next day for the operation I just remember cradling my tummy all night crying... depressed in a dream. 

A few months later we tried again..I got to 11 weeks and unfortunately miscarried naturally in hospital.. again this broke us and tore us apart but we didn't want to give up hope.

Again I fell pregnant and sadly miscarried at 5 weeks. How much more could we actually take.

After waiting a while we tried again nothing but worrying about our new pregnancy scan after scan crying wondering if something was wrong even at our 12week scan.

At 20 weeks the first thing we asked.. "is our baby's head OK? Is our baby healthy" and that he was! Our beautiful blue eyed boy is now 2 years old!! Our rainbow. ❤.. miracles do happen!

We also had a blighted ovum after our rainbow at 12weeks. We are so thankful to have our rainbow baby! 

I hope people.get some hope from this. Take time and allow yourself time to heal. I am only 23 and to go through all that was the hardest thing in my life. Time is a great healer. 

I wish Anencephaly was more out there for people to know about. Look it up. I never thought something like that would happen to me.

Thank you.


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