Even though we are teens the love we had for that child was unconditional

When my boyfriend arrived he was in tears and just said "how could this happen to us?!".. He melted into my arms crying.

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#misCOURAGE story, 16/05/2017, by Natasha

I'm 16 years old. I live in a small town tucked in the back of my state. I met my boyfriend in the small town I live in. Little did we know, our first hello would bring so much into our lives. Good and bad.

I fell pregnant unknowingly 4 months before our one year together. I didn't feel much the first month. But when the second month came around. My boyfriend starting acting a lot different.

We'd sit together and he'd just start rubbing my lower stomach. I always gave him a questioning look. And he always looked at me and asked simply "are you pregnant?" I brushed it to the side and simply replied with a "no" ... This went on for nearly a month.

It was date night on the starting week of march. I worn a black dress. But something that alarmed me was, that slim black dress made my stomach look like a little basketball poking out. I tried sucking it in saying "its probably just food " and when I tried I couldn't. Leaving me questioning if he was right. (This was the third month of my pregnancy.)

When we went to dinner that night he gave me the oddest glare and said "you were always slim in that dress?.." I looked down and agreed. And we carried on with the night. Coming upon the topic every now and then.

As weeks pass. I get more symptoms, the sickness, the dizzy spells, crazy eating habits, the uncomfortable sleeping patterns. I wish I didn't brush it aside. I was just pulling a curtain over plan truth. And I wish I treasured those bitter sweet moments.

March 14 2017 comes upon, its a regular day. A regular school day to be exact. Its gym. I was playing volleyball. I'm not very good lets just say and I was kinda zoning off when, bang! And volley ball crashed hard into my uterus, it was a sharp pain and a tug I never felt before.

I again shrugged off the pain and proceeded to play. But that night I started bleeding. And small cramps stung through the night with regret poking at me. I never knew why I had regret till now.

Then the next morning I got out of bed and fell to the floor. I was in the most spin twisting pain. It felt like my lower back and uterus where being put through a shredder. The bleeding was very heavy.

This pain lasted 6 gut wrenching hours. I twisted in my seat, grabbing anything to take squeeze my pain on. 2:45 I got home and rushed into my bathroom. And suddenly the pain died out.

I was in a sweat from all the pain. And to have it gone with a relief, but when I pulled down my pants. The most heart breaking sight was to be seen.

I thought it was my uterus lining. But by the size I thought to have a closer look almost 4 inches long lay a little reddish Fetus, with a set of eyes. A nose. A little mouth. Arms. And I couldn't see the legs, yet. I nearly fainted in fear.

I was shaking so out of a panic. I texted my boyfriend while he was at work. He called me as fast as he could. Barely able to talk. He was crying. In fear. In shock. He didn't know what to say, but since its a about a 30 minute drive home for him he sent a friend over to make sure I was ok.

When my boyfriend arrived he was in tears and just said "how could this happen to us?!".. He melted into my arms crying.

I bit back my tears. Months after we still cry about it. Its very hard to talk about...without both of us breaking down . Even though we are teens. The love for that child was unconditional. May he or she rest in peace march 15, 2017.

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